Haunted Beasts

Haunted Beasts

By:  Marie Changara  Completed
Language: English
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Heaven Ross is a weird and strange who just wants to be normal and fight for the affection of her love Sky Gomez. But what Heaven doesn't know is that she's anything but normal because inside her is a cursed demon hopelessly waiting to reunite with her own love. Heaven finds herself in a messed up love triangle with four sides and the more she embraces the demon inside of her, the more secrete she uncovers about herself.

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enjoyed reading this book so far, can't wait what will happen next. by the way, if you have any social media to discuss your story further please let me know
2021-07-13 14:43:28
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Im in his arms and it feels like home. I have never felt so safe, he's holding me so tight like he will never let me go. I under his fear, we have been apart for far too long but never again. I reach up and caress his face, desperate for him to know I feel the exact same way. I know he fears he might lose his grip on me but my eyes tell him there's no need to fear. The need to kill his insecurities gets so great that I let him mark me, the only way he knows how. Final words of encouragement escape my mouth and he burries his head in my neck and I close my eyes and surrender to his sweet torture...."Evie!" Ronnie's voice pulls me from my intense dream. "Evie wake up!""What?" I groan as I try to go back to sleep."First day of school." She says enthusiastically. "Come on, you don't want to be late.""Go away." I say and pull my blanket over my head but
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The chemistry lab setting is quite interesting. While others take time to mumble not so quietly about the new girl, others just look at me like I'm lost or something. Ella, however, proves she's a true friend when she tells people to mind their own business. Although I can easily look out for myself, it's to have someone in my corner. In a way it sort of reminded me of my two older sisters.Everyone seems to back off but three particular students dont seem to care for Ella's threats. They are looking at me in a completely different way and as much as I try to ignore their glares, I can't, I can literally feel their gaze on me.I make eye contact with them and they note that they are three of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. All three of them have bright brown eyes which can be easily mistaken for golden ones. I cannot fathom the emotion on their faces but it's clear they are taken aback by my presence. Who are these g
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I watch Amelia walking towards her sisters and I replay our conversation in my head. As much as I try to make any sense of it I keep coming. to the conclusion that it is the weirdest conversation I have ever had "Evie!" Ella's voice pulls me from my thoughts. "Get over here."  I walk over to where Ella, Kevin and Sky and some other girl I don't recognize are sitting. I'm still reeling from the conversation I had with Amelia Rosemont. What the hell was that? And where did that remark about eyes come from?  "What were you talking about?"  I look up at Kevin and wonder what he is referring to. "What?"  "With the Rosemont chick." He tries to come off as uninterested but something about the way he says her name makes me wonder if he actually likes the brunette beauty.  "Well she was welcoming me to t
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I wake up early the next day. I don't want Ronnie barging in and making a fuss about me being late. Surprisingly my stepmom is already making breakfast for my dad and Ronnie."Hi." Ronnie says cautiously, she's still not over what happened last night but I'm glad she didn't to mention to either of our parents. "I was about to come and wake you.""Oh you don't have to do that." I tell her as I sit next to her."You are up early today." My dad comments."Well, I am going to school so I figured I should be early."Alice smiles at me. "Do you want anything sweetie?" She asks."I will have what they are having." I smile back at her.While Alice prepares my food, I decide to bring up a sensitive subject to my father. "Dad," He looks at me. "I was wondering if you could get me an appointment with
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It's lunch break and I keep trying to get Sky's attention by occasionally eating his food. He slaps my hand each time but at least I have his full attention and I'm almost certain he enjoys my playfulness.  "I can't believe you like Sky." Ella says for what feels like the hundredth time now.  I take a bit out of Sky's apple, one I took right out of his hands. "Why do you say that?" I ask before giving the apple back to Sky and surprisingly he takes it and takes a bite as well, which weirdly warms my heart.  "Hello he's Sky. Honestly I never thought anyone would ever like him." She looks at her brother. "No offense bro." Ella says but he ignores her.  "Well I'm not everyone."  "That's an understatement." Sky mutters.  "And then that stunt you pulled in chem today." Kevin laughs out l
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The rest of the day goes by just like the first one. Ella is still upset over Kevin rejecting her for Amelia but I do my best to distract her with questions about the pending party. It works of course because Ella goes on and on about how excited she is and how she plans on getting over Kevin by getting wasted.Being homeschooled for over eight years did a number on me and living with Ronnie does not help much as she barely goes out. She's even more antisocial than me.I have been trying on countless dresses and I still don't know what to wear. I know I'm putting on extra effort because I want to impress Sky.I call my sister Jessica for fashion advice and she tells me I can't go wrong with a simple denim dress and high platform boots.I'm brushing my hair when I h
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I'm about to go and drag Ronnie so we can go home but then I remember why I came upstairs in the first place. Sky. I still need to see him even if it's just for a little while. I'm sure he can make me forget all about those creepy sisters.I walk in the room that Phoebe mentioned was Sky's earlier. The lights are still on but Sky is out. He's lying on top of the sheets with a textbook on his chest. I suspect he fell asleep whilst studying and the thought makes me smile.I move closer to him and look at him closely. He looks so peaceful and gorgeous with his blonde hair all messy. I push it away from his face and before I can stop myself, I press my lips on his.I have zero experience with boys but I know kissing involves tongue so I put mine in his mouth. I start to feel a little movement from him but when I jerk from him I see that he's still asleep.I must have imagined the whole him kissing me back thing. I sigh
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I don't think I have ever been this excited before. I keep playing with Sky's hand in class. At first he's hesitant to participate in my playful act in class but he eventually gives in, even interlocking our fingers and showing off his amazing dimples when I kiss our joined hands. I would have never thought that just after three days of attending school I would have a boyfriend.Sky and I walk together to the cafeteria when it's lunchtime. I want to hold his hand but he declined so I decide to hold on to his arm instead."As cute as you guys are, I think it's time you guys stop." Ella jokingly tells us."Tell her that." Sky says, trying to feign annoyance. "She keeps taking my food.""No I didn't." I defend myself."Yes you did." Kevin shakes his head and Ella just laughs as Sky and I continue our playful banter.Phoebe, however
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Aurora? The endearment sounds oddly familiar but only my dad gives me nicknames and I doubt he's ever called me Aurora.  "Aurora? Why did you call me that?" I ask.  Instead of replying me, my mysterious rescuer simply helps me to my feet. The pain from my knees distracts me and I hold onto his arm.  "Can you walk?" He asks.  "It's a little difficult." I admit, still holding on to him. To my complete astonishment, he lifts me into his arms.  "I will take you home." He announces as if our situation right now is the most natural thing.  "Ummm okay." I say because there's nothing more to say. I still haven't seen his face but I now know for a fact that his hair is quite long. My hands felt it when I hooked my hands around his neck as I was holding on to him
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I remember having dreams like this before in the past but I didn't pay much attention to them. But not my dream is all I can think about, maybe because it involves someone that I love and someone that I almost kissed earlier, the latter in a compromising position.Wait, did I just say love? I love Sky? Well I'm kind of obsessed with him and he's all I think about and the thought of anyone else having him or hurting him kills me. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with Sky!But is it even possible or normal to fall in love with someone after a few days of meeting them? Well very little about me is normal so I guess the rules don't exactly apply to me.I check the time and it's still pretty early. Sleep has evaded me and my mind won't stop playing the events that occured in my dream. It felt so real and a part of me is feeling guilty, like I actually cheated on Sky.Even my lips are swollen like the kiss actually happ
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