Chapter 42

A swirling web of soft tissues goes on and off until it blossoms and pushes out Amira from where she had her entrance into the Land of Infinite Desire. The curse on her mouth is gone, cleansed by the healing power of Elena's aqua.

The marks of failure and defeat forms a fine line on her face. She is down in dumps having neither Hasham to run to nor the Heart of Magic to be victorious of. She is down in flames. No matter how much she wants to believe there is still hope, her emotion just won't cooperate.

Meandering around, her setting down foot halts as she spots a man almost lifeless on the ground. Having no one but her in the forested heart of Vormundham, she instinctively hastens their four-meter distance. She slouches on the loose soil as she draws near him, leveling her knees with his body so she can attend to him.

When she turns his head to face her, her eyes widen and her mouth drops open. She goes pale all of a sudden as if her soul absconds from her earthly body. Split lip, b
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