Chapter 7- Unconscious


I watched as he sprinted out my room, a frown was now replaced on my face. I picked up my body and sat on the bed, I felt tears roll down my cheeks and the taste of salt filling my mouth. I knew that this was not a good idea, I didn’t know what came upon me, I wasn’t the type to seduce men. I got changed into a long shirt, put on some fluffy socks and made my way to Aurora's room. I knocked on her door but walked through when I didn’t hear an answer. I could hear the shower faintly running so I decided to wait. I walked towards her bed and sat down; pulling my phone out to see if I had any miscalls from Aspen but there were none. After what felt like hours Aurora had come out the shower and after I had told her everything, I broke down crying and now here we are, with Aurora comforting me as I cry about a guy. 

"Hey, instead of crying over my douche ass brother lets watch a movie and eat junk food," I nodded. 

"Okay, I will grab the food from the kitchen and you chose a movie on Netflix." Aurora super sped out of her room while I walked towards her television and chose a movie. "I see you chose Mean Girls, the best movie ever." I chuckled as I saw Aurora's reaction.

Throughout the entire movie all I could think about was Aspen and what I had done to him, the fact that it was all my fault. As soon as the movie ended, I walked out of Aurora's room and into mine, along the way I had walked past Aspen's room and all I could hear was crashes and loud sounds. I deeply wanted to enter and comfort him, but I ignored it and walked through my door. 


A few days passed since I had last spoken with Aspen, I haven't seen him around the castle since then and every night I hear crashes in his room. Today Aspen's best friend Jason had a great idea for us to play capture the flag, so here I am getting ready for that. I put on a black crop top that had the words 'Adidas' written across it in white with black Adidas shorts, paired with Nike running shoes. Oh, shut up, I know what you're thinking, "why does she not wear Adidas sneakers as well" and my answer is well that would be crazy. I tied my hair into a high pony tail making sure to get every single stand into the pony tail, do you know how frustrating it is when you take so long doing your hair and then you see that you have left some stands out! Jesus Christ it’s very frustrating, sometimes I wish I was boy, I mean they don't have blood gushing out their vagina every month for 7 days and they don't go into labour when they are giving birth, so why not.

I walked out of the castle and towards the training field where everyone was, I made my way towards the front to see Aspen. Might I say he looks incredibly sexy. I looked at him to see a smirk on his face which was then replaced with a frown when his eyes connected with mine. He was dressed in nothing but black shorts and his running shoes. I watched as he laughed with the group of girls surrounding him, it broke my heart, seeing him with someone else.

Jason was going on about how mates were not allowed to be in the same team, but I zoned out while thinking about Aspen.  I looked at my team to see it consisted of me, Aurora, Jason and some guards. In Aspen's team there was him, Daniel, Jaxon and some other people who I had yet to meet.

“Aspen said to take his shirt, he doesn’t want you to be walking around like that.” I looked behind me to see Jason.

“There’s nothing wrong with how I’m dressed, I’m not wearing his shirt,” I huffed, “If he wants me to wear it, he can tell me himself.”

I was chosen from my team along with Jason to guard and hide the flag, I didn't understand because we had guards in our team but Aurora said it was because I couldn't fight so it would be better if I guarded the flag with Jason. Me and Jason made our way towards a tall tree, ensuring that no one would be able to find us, Jason climbed the tree with me on his back until we reached the top of the tree. We both masked our scents so that no one was able to find us. "So, what happened with Aspen?" I told him the full story of what happened with Aspen leaving out the fact that I seduced him in lingerie. 

"I've got a plan, but you have to trust me," I nodded him, I trusted Jason with my life, he was Aspen’s best friend, he wouldn’t let anything happen to me, right? The next thing I knew was a strong force pushing me off the tree. Aspen! Was the only thing I said before my body hit the hard ground and I felt darkness surround me. 


I couldn’t help but stare at her legs the entire time, she looked breath taking. I noticed my men staring at her, staring at what was mine. I had told Jason to give her my shirt but she denied it. I couldn’t talk to her, her marked looked exactly like Maya’s, it was impossible. Skylar was human. Aspen! Went through my mind and a pain shook through my body. "SKYLAR!"I screamed.  I followed her scent to find her on the floor. I heard heavy foot steps behind me. 

"Guys go back to the castle we will deal with this," I heard Jaxson's voice behind me, "I mind linked the doctor, he said he's coming."

I picked her petit body up and held her so close to me. This is all my fault I ignored her. I made my way back towards the castle and laying her down in the castle's hospital. 

"Is she dead?" I heard Jason say behind me. 

"This is all your fault Jason; you were with her. I swear to God Jason if she dies, I will kill you," I said holding him by the throat.

"Aspen! Don't swear to God!" Jason exclaimed sounding like my mom. 

"Guys, Skylar is unconscious you idiots." I heard the doctor, Sean say. 


I punched my fists onto my desk in frustration, I was so close but it just slipped out of my grasp. A knock on my door snapped me out of my thoughts, I yelled come in as the door opened to revel my best assassin. 

"Isabelle, you're back already, I just set this mission yesterday." 

"Yes sir, and I have your money right here," she said placing a bag on my desk. Isabelle has been working for me ever since her parents died at the age of 10 and has trained with me. 

"Isabelle, I have another assignment for you."

"What is it sir?" she questioned. 

"The prince of vampires, Aspen has found his mate meaning he will now become king. However, his mate is human, this will lead to the werewolf population being ruled by vampires, which we cannot allow. So, your task is to assassinate this human." I tell her.

"But sir, wouldn't it be better to kill the vampire since we are the protectors of humans?" 

"DO NOT QUESTION ME!" I yell at her. 

"I will get right on the task sir." 

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