By:  Ava Kashif  Ongoing
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There are two types of vampires, the good and the bad. A world where vampires are mixed with humans, vampires control humans, killing innocent humans. The royals can't do anything about this, as it is their son Aspen and his friends. One day Aspen comes along a girl named Skylar, does he kill her the very instant he sees her or do they fall in love? -------- I stood there, looking at all the drained bodies. Yes, I am a vampire, in fact I am the prince of vampires. I cleaned the blood of my mouth with my sleeve and walked away towards my house. This feels wrong, killing these worthless humans but at the same time it feels so good, this is what I do for a living. Vampires were born to kill humans, right? That is why we have fangs, right? No one can change my mind about this, not even my mother. ------- Skylar is an innocent girl who has her whole life planned out, meeting the perfect guy, getting married, having children and then slowly dying together. Never did she think she would be the mate of a vampire, not just any vampire, he's the prince and also the bad boy. Aspen is the bad vampire, doesn't care what happens around him, and doesn't care about life. That is until he meets his mate, he never thought that he would be paired with a human, when he doesn't like them but he learns to give in.

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19 Chapters
Chapter 1- Mate
-Aspen P.O.V- I stood there, looking at all the drained bodies. Yes, I am a vampire, in fact I am the prince of vampires. I cleaned the blood of my mouth, using my sleeve, walking back towards my castle. This feels wrong, killing these worthless humans but at the same time it feels so good, this is what I do for a living. Vampires were born to kill humans, right? That is why we have fangs, right? No one can change my mind about this, not even my mother.Once I had arrived at my castle, the guards greeted me and opened the door for me. I walked in and started walking towards my room when I was pushed against the wall. Using my vampire speed, I quickly got up and looked to see my older brother Jaxson, Jaxson is 28, 2 years older than me in human years, he looks like me but a more mature and older version of me."What the fuck," I roared into his face."You need to stop killing all those humans, mom and dad are pissed, you’re the Prince, Aspen."
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Chapter 2- You Can Call Me Daddy
-Aspen P.O.V-I couldn't control it, her heart beating, her blood moving in her veins. So, I did it. I bit her and the worst thing was she was my soul mate and I had just marked her as my own. Her blood tasted mouth-watering and I knew straight away she was a virgin. I couldn’t stop, I didn’t want to, all I wanted was to drain life out of her. I never wanted a human soul mate; I never wanted a soulmate at all. Eventually, I took my fangs out to see her looking weak, I bit my arm, feeding her my blood and vanished out of sight.I had gotten back to the castle, I went to find Jax so I could apologise to him about before when I overheard my parents, Aurora, my sister and Jaxson talking about me."Mom I think we should have a ball so that he can find his soul mate," Aurora said
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Chapter 3- She's Your Mate Isn't she?
-Aspen P.O.V- "Skylar," she laughed and ended it with a smile, she looked breath taking, smiling at me. "It's nice to meet you Skylar but I have to go," I told her confused as to why she had not recognised me from the other night, I looked down at her neck, the mark I left on her was covered, covered in make-up. it made me angry, she was hiding my mark. "You look so familiar," she said with her eyebrows crossed. "Yeah, I get that a lot," she gasped. "Y-You you were the vampire that bit me, you left two marks on my neck," she said backing up. "I'm sorry I couldn't control it," I told her going to touch her. "Don't touch me," she said running back into her house. I wanted to go after her but I couldn't move, seeing my mate cry in front of me made me hurt and guilty that I was the one who made her hurt. I then found myself walking back to my castle, I walked to my room ignoring everyone. I sat on my bed, my vision started
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Chapter 4- She's Human
-Aspen P.O.V- "She's human," Aurora blurted out, my mom began squealing like a 10-year-old girl and my dad stood there shocked.  "How can you have a human as a queen?" Father said furious. "Oh honey, let them be. They were made soul mates for a reason," my mom calmed him down. "But how is a human suitable for the role as queen? This is why we should have Jax as king instead of Aspen, and Aspen is too immature for his age, he is not fitted for the role as the king," my dad blabbered. “He doesn’t even like humans.” He was right, I never wanted a soulmate, I was the type to only have one-night stands, that’s what I was known for, I didn’t care for anyone’s feelings. I only cared about the pleasure I was receiving every night. Honestly, I didn’t care for the girl, I didn’t want to, but something deep inside me was telling me otherwise. “Dad, it doesn’t matter if she’s human, it’s best if we get to know her.” Aurora cut in. "Honey, I w
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Chapter 5- Red Lace Thong
-Skylar-I woke up with strong arms wrapped around my tiny waist, I tried to get out of this strong grip but it only made the mysterious person's arm cling onto me even more. I touched the hand of this person when something went through me, it was like lightning and butterflies erupted in my stomach. "Sky, stop moving," the man said with a husky familiar voice."Ew get your gross filthy vampire hands off of me," I screamed. BANG, the door hit the wall and someone appeared through it."I heard a scream, what happened?" I looked up to see Jaxson. Aspen removed his arms from my body and I felt relieved but I kind of also missed his touch along my skin."He was touching me," Jaxson shook his head while laughing and then walked out the room closing the door behind him. Aspen turned his face towards me, I examined all his features and fell in love with it. His dark brown hair which was messy, his jawline which was super sharp and his eyes which you
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Chapter 6 - Date
-Skylar-I woke up in my bed, it was comfortable but not as comfortable as it was in Aspen's room, oh how I missed being in his arms during the night, it made me feel safe and protected. I shook off my thoughts and walked into my bathroom, I have been staying at the castle for a while now and so far, it had been going well, surprisingly everyone here was friendly and welcoming. Today, Aspen had decided to take me out on a date, it was our first date and I wanted to look good so Aurora decided it would be best to help me. I quickly took a shower, washing everything and then hopping out. I dried my body and slipped on my undergarments, I walked out my bathroom to see Aurora sitting on my bed."Damn girl, you have the perfect body." She whistled, "just wait until you get into the dress, I picked out for you."“Are you sure it’s suitable for our date?” I asked looking at the dress she was now holding up.“Yes, I spoke to Aspen and this
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Chapter 7- Unconscious
-Skylar- I watched as he sprinted out my room, a frown was now replaced on my face. I picked up my body and sat on the bed, I felt tears roll down my cheeks and the taste of salt filling my mouth. I knew that this was not a good idea, I didn’t know what came upon me, I wasn’t the type to seduce men. I got changed into a long shirt, put on some fluffy socks and made my way to Aurora's room. I knocked on her door but walked through when I didn’t hear an answer. I could hear the shower faintly running so I decided to wait. I walked towards her bed and sat down; pulling my phone out to see if I had any miscalls from Aspen but there were none. After what felt like hours Aurora had come out the shower and after I had told her everything, I broke down crying and now here we are, with Aurora comforting me as I cry about a guy.  "Hey, instead of crying over my douche ass brother lets watch a movie and eat junk food," I nodded.  "Okay, I will grab the food fr
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Chapter 8- Amnesia
-Aspen- It had been four days since Skylar fell unconscious and I hadn't left her side at all. Even though I was mad at her, no! mad isn't the word, disappointed, she was still my mate and I cared about her. Yeah, if you cared about her, you wouldn't have pushed her off us the other day. My vampire Vladimir said. Hey, I saw the angel mark on her hip, it was the same mark Maya had. Aspen you need to move on from her, it has been years. He had a point; it was time that I moved on from Maya and gave my full attention to Skylar who has been in this bed for days.  I missed seeing her beautiful ocean blue eyes, her long light brown hair that glowed in the sunlight, her mouth that I would always leave those passionate kisses on, her jawline that I would always leave a trail of kisses on and lastly her smile, it was the most beautiful characteristic she had and honestly it was my favourite, I loved how she always smiled, how she alw
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Chapter 9- Pranks
-Aspen-"Aspen?" I heard the familiar voice behind me say, "I was pranking you."I turned around to see Skylar standing there, I ran up to her, picking her up and spinning her around in my arms. I hugged her so tight because I was cared she would leave me. "I want to talk to you," I told her, leading her into the forest behind the castle.-Skylar- "While you were in that hospital bed, I had been thinking, thinking about you. All I'm trying to say is I love you." Aspen confessed.I sat there dumfounded, not knowing what to say, I loved him as well but I wasn't sure whether he would believe me, maybe he would say that it w
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Chapter 10- kidnapped
-Isabella-As soon as I walked into the mall the smell of blood and woods hit my nose. MATE my wolf Rosie yelled in my head. I followed the smell to see a boy with blonde hair, he had tattoos down his arms and he had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Having a mate was the last thing i had needed right now, my priority was finding that human girl. I saw that the human girl that Master wanted me to kill was walking away from him,  I instructed my guards to follow the girl and kidnap her while I got the car ready. 10 minutes passed and I looked out the window to see James coming with the girl.-Jason-It had now been 2 hours since Skylar had left me, I was getting worried because she had not called me to meet up. I called her phone but she would not answer, I tried t
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