Chapter 18- Stranger Danger


"AIDEN JAMES MIKEALSON GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW!" I shouted running after my son.

You see after I caught Aspen cheating on me, I ran away. I left him with nothing. I hadn’t contacted him nor Jaxon. I have contacted Aurora, after all she was one of my best friends and nothing would change that. Aspen still doesn't know about Aiden and Aurora promised that she would never tell. It had been three years since I last saw him, three years of not feeling his lips against my skin, his hands in mine. I did miss him, of course I did.

"I sowwy mommy, I didn't mean to make you sad." He said as his bottom lip trembled. 

I pulled him into a hug, I now live with my two-year-old son Aiden in Florida. I know it is like a 10-hour drive from New Orleans and Aspen can easily find me but I have always wanted to live here. Only Aurora knows that I have moved to Florida, she came down to visit me for a year once Aiden was born, so that she could help

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