Chapter 19- Truth


"I just said to him that I kicked Aspen's ass." As soon as I heard my name slip out from Skylar's brother's mouth, I knew exactly who the girl was.

"Skylar?" I said walking up from behind her.

She turned her head, up-close you could see her properly, she had gotten her nose pierced and honestly it looked good.

"Aspen?" she replied looking up at me.

"I missed you so much my queen, my life has been hell when you-" I started.

"That's your fault for cheating on me Aspen, do you know how much that hurt?" she shouted at me. 

"I'm sorry Sky- " 

"Well sorry doesn't make up for you cheating on me." 

"I-I is he mine." I said pointing towards the boy who was currently on Aurora's shoulders.

"No, why would he be yours? I met someone when I moved to Florida." 

"You are mine, no one else. And that's why Aurora went to Florida." I said pulling her into me.

"No Aspen, you don't get to tou

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