New Life

I am awakened to loud grunts, people yelling & screaming. For a second, I panic, but then I remember where I am.

I am residing with the Agosti family now, in Enna, far away from New York & my old life. I have been here for the last two weeks now.

The noises continue to get louder, honestly, these screeching noises used to bother me in the beginning, freaking me out. But not anymore, I know everyone is just working out, or as they say here training. They are just a loud and rowdy bunch on the training ground.

They train a lot, like at least four to five hours a day a type, and they train hard, really hard. It’s not your regular workout session, they do extraneous physical, they spar, and it gets bloody. And almost everyone trains, everyone. I guess it makes sense since they are the biggest mafia in the world.

And I am living with them. Which strangely is not bad, not bad at all. It is different, yes,

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