I Can't Stop Thinking About Her

Chapter 3

A week after the sumptuous lunch at the Andersons.

At the army base, Carter was eating his dinner in his office while watching television. While scanning the channels he stopped when he saw a beautiful girl in a scrub suit and lab gown kissing a colleague. He remembered that Isabella told him that she has an on-screen partner in the said show. He was mesmerized by how Isabella can be so simple and quiet in real life but can also be bold and wild on the television. He can’t stop looking at her on the television. He imagined him to be that guy. Oh, how he wished he was the one kissing her right now! Ever since he met her, he knew that he wanted her. He wanted to be with her and inside her.

He got interrupted when he heard his phone ring. It was a call from his dad.

“Hello son, you need to go to the St. Joseph Hospital as fast as you can. Your mom was rushed to the hospital.” Thomas cried on the other line.

Carter ended the call immediately and rushed to the hospital. He drove the car as fast as he could. Different scenarios running inside his head, what bad thing happened to his mother?

When he reached the hospital he bumped into the Anderson’s who was also on the way to the operating room to accompany his dad and sister and also to visit his mom. When he finally saw his dad and sister he ran to hug them.

“Dad, what happened? I was just speaking to her before dinner and she seems okay.” Carter was very worried about what happened to his mother.

“She accidentally fell down the stairs when she was going down for dinner. Olivia and I were both waiting for her in the dining until we heard a loud sound. We rushed in the direction of the sound and we saw her lying down on the floor with blood all over her head. What would I do if something bad happens to your mom? Son, talk to the doctor to make sure that everything will be fine.”, he responded with a hoarse voice.

“I will dad. I will make some calls,” he replied.

But before he started calling anyone the light from the operating room was turned off, it means that the operation was done. They were all waiting for the doctor to come out of the room so that they would know how Trina was. The head surgeon went out with the anesthesiologist and another surgeon. It was a girl and the doctor was still wearing her mask.  When she removed her mask everybody was relieved to see that it was Isabella who headed the operation.

“Uncle Thomas, everything is fine now. The operation was a success. She just needs to rest and recover from the accident. She will be transferred to the private suite when she gains consciousness. Let us give her some time to rest in the meantime. And she still needs to be fully recovered before you take her home. I suggest that she still needs to stay for at least two weeks here at the hospital to be fully recovered.” she said in a caring tone.

Carter stared at her the whole time while she’s speaking. He can’t really get enough of her! His consciousness is killing him. He needs to be focused on his mother now and stop daydreaming to be with Isabella for now.

“Thank you for saving her, Isabella. We’re glad that you’re the one who did the operation for her. You really are our family’s angel. First, it was Carter and now my wife. Thank you, really.” Mr. Reid said while still crying knowing that nothing bad happened to his wife.

“It’s my job you don’t need to thank me plus you are part of my family since you and dad are like brothers,” she replied.

[Yeah, you’ll be part of my family as soon as you’ll be my wife.] Carter’s thoughts are killing him right now! What happened to his cold heart for women? Why is he like this now? His friends will definitely celebrate when he sees him this way.

“I’ll take my leave first, I need to get a change. I’ll see you guys later,” she said and she nodded to his dad and mom before leaving.

Carter runs and follows Isabella.

“Bella”, he shouted while running.

“Have you eaten your dinner yet?” he asked her this makes her confused because why can he still ask him this instead of asking the condition of her mother.

“No, I haven’t. Your mother came in when I’m on my way to the cafeteria,” she replied. She suddenly felt her stomach rumbling. She’s really hungry this time. When she was about to excuse herself to change and eat, he suddenly talked.

“Do you want to have dinner with me?” he asked in a very bold sexy tone.

“Why haven’t you had dinner yet?” she replied with a question. It seems to him that she doesn’t want him to be around her.

“I hadn't finished my meal when my dad called me. So what now? Do you want to have dinner with me? I’m really hungry too and this could be my way of saying thanks by operating on my mother.” he replied with excitement in his voice.

“Okay let’s have dinner together, you can wait for me in the lobby, I'll just freshen up and change my clothes.”

After half an hour, she finally came down to the lobby. He saw him staring at the window while waiting for her.

“Hey, are you ready to go?” she asked when he tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yeah. Where do you wanna eat?” he asked while staring at her gorgeous lips. If he were a bad guy she would definitely be his meal.

“I'm not picky when it comes to food. So we can't eat anywhere and anything. Plus you’re the one who asked me out so you choose.” she said in a very cheerful way while she sways her body like a kid.

“Okay, let’s eat something spicy! I’ve been craving for some since we moved here. I miss the spicy foods in Singapore.” He was excited to eat something spicy plus he is really hungry.

She nodded and they both went to a Singaporean restaurant two blocks away from the hospital.

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