The Captain's Lover

The Captain's Lover

By:  Paula Hernando - Villanueva  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella Anderson is a world-renowned surgeon and also a TV Personality, he met Captain Carter Reid because of his father. They fell in love at first sight and become each other's savior and eventually got married. But a lot of hardships tested their relationship and both of them almost give up but with the help of their family and friends and because of their love for each other, they did everything to keep their relationship.

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13 Chapters
We've Met Before
Chapter 1 One sunny Sunday afternoon at the Anderson’s Mansion. It’s family day today, so it means it’s that time of the week where everybody in the family needs to be present for their family lunch. Steve Anderson, the head of the family, invited his childhood best friend Thomas Reid and his family to join them with their lunch. It was the first time that their children will meet each other since Thomas Reid and his wife Trina moved to Singapore after they got married. “Honey, is everything ready? I just got off the phone. Thomas said they'll be here in half an hour.” Steve asked his wife Sandra in a very exciting voice. He's really very excited! This will be the first time in 30 years that he will see his best friend again. They talked on the phone but they never really talked that much since they are both busy with their companies. “Darling, everything’s ready
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The Family Affair
Chapter 2The Anderson’s Mansion was everybody’s dream home but it doesn’t differ from the Reid’s Mansion as well. Both families are very well-known in their respective titles but both families were not the typical rich families that offend a lot of people. They’re both known for their good personalities and both of the families are truly loved by many. Just in time when everybody’s ready. The doorbell rang. They were welcomed by the head of the servants and lead to the dining where the Anderson’s are waiting, As soon as Steve sees Thomas he rushes to him and gives his best buddy a big tight hug. Both the families were smiling seeing how the two old men cling to each other. After that, Steve invited them to th
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I Can't Stop Thinking About Her
Chapter 3   A week after the sumptuous lunch at the Andersons.   At the army base, Carter was eating his dinner in his office while watching television. While scanning the channels he stopped when he saw a beautiful girl in a scrub suit and lab gown kissing a colleague. He remembered that Isabella told him that she has an on-screen partner in the said show. He was mesmerized by how Isabella can be so simple and quiet in real life but can also be bold and wild on the television. He can’t stop looking at her on the television. He imagined him to be that guy. Oh, how he wished he was the one kissing her right now! Ever since he met her, he knew that he wanted her. He wanted to be with her and inside her.   He got interrupted when he heard his phone ring. It was a call from his dad. &n
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The First Kiss
Chapter 4 “So do you like spicy food too?” he asked her. “I do eat spicy foods from time to time but I don’t crave spicy food like you. My mother has acid reflux so we can’t really eat too much spicy food at home. But when I was in college my friends and I always went to Korean restaurants and ate Korean barbecues and other spicy foods. Ahh! I remember those days! It was very delicious” she laughed while telling him this. He was very amazed at how beautiful she looks whenever she’s smiling. Even with no makeup, her beauty can light up the whole room. She’s too close to perfection. She stares at him like there were no other people in the restaurant. She stopped talking when she suddenly caught him staring at him. 
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What Happened To Mrs. Reid?
Chapter 5 6 am Her alarm clock was buzzing and Captain Carter was the first one who got up. He stared at her while sleeping and he felt how lucky he is to have someone beside her now. She is the most important to him besides his family right now and he will do everything to make her happy. She wakes her up knowing that she needs to go to her shoot for The Good Doctors. He rubs her knows and kisses her a lot of times for her to get up. When she was finally awake she hugged and kissed him in a very passionate way. “Good morning, Love,” he said in a very sweet voice. “Good morning. What time is it?” she asked. “It’s 6 am. Go and take a bath. I'll
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So Who's Pauly?
Chapter 6   On the set of The Good Doctors   Paul Bearer just came in the set and saw Isabella standing by the window, so he walked towards her. "Hey, Good morning beautiful! what's up with you today? You seemed pretty off. I'm not used to that!" he said with a very confused look.   "Oh hi, Pauly! Well, It's because of my aunt. She was brought to the hospital last night because she fell off the stairs and I was the one who did her operation. It all went well! But unfortunately, someone came to her room and injected something into her! I don't really know what to do. I know that my boyfriend is doing something about it but, I'm still worried about her."   "I'm sorry about your aunt, I hope she recovers soon! But have I heard it right, You have a boyfriend? Since when did you start dating?" he was hoping that he misheard what she said because ever since he met Isabella he had a crush o
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The Jill's
Chapter 7   Isabella rushed to Carter when she saw him staring at them. "Hey, you're here? I thought you're still busy with your work? By the way, come I want to introduce you to a very close friend of mine." she grabbed his hands and walked towards Paul.   "I want to formally introduce you to each other. Pauly this is my boyfriend, Cater who's a captain in the military. And Carter, this is Pauly I mean Paul. I'm sorry, I was used to calling him that. He's my co-actor on the series and a good and close friend of mine." she smiled at them while the two men shake their hands.   "Nice to meet you, Captain". Paul knew that from how Carter looks at him that he doesn't want him to be around Isabella.   "Pleased to meet you too," Carter replied.   "Well, I just dropped Isabella off since I was going in the same direction. I'll go ahead see you, Bella." Paul said and nod
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Missing Brother
Chapter 8   Carter shoots the man who attacked Mayor Jill and instructs two of his comrades to bring Mayor Jill to the nearest hospital to be treated and inform Cliff of this incident. Carter and his other comrades were very skilled, they've beaten up every single attacker. They have saved Mr. Grey and everyone from the charity event as well. After the mission, he rushed to the hospital only to find out that Mayor Jill didn't make it. It was very hard for him to see Mayor Jill like this. For him, Cliff was one of his good friends, and losing a father would be devastated for him and his sister especially, knowing that their other died when they were still young.   When Thomas got to the hospital he saw Carter sitting outside the operating room. He asks him about his dad and a tear fell down on Carter's face. "He didn't make it," he said.   Cliff's heart was shattered into pieces. He never knew that would
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Captivated by Bella
Chapter 9   When they both reached the Neurosurgery Department, Isabella introduced him to their colleagues and even go on tour at the hospital for him to see his whereabouts.   "Well, I think that's it! I have shown you around I bet you'll be familiarized with this place in no time. Just come to my office if you need anything. I'll be going now, I have something important to attend to. See you around." Isabella bid goodbye and smiled at him before she left.   Isabella captured his heart at first glance she was indeed a goddess.   At the moment ...   Isabella rushed back to Mrs. Reid's room to check up on her and saw that she was now ready to b released from the hospital.   "Aunt, I think you've been resting well. It seems like all of your laboratories are good and I'm glad to tell you that you can go home now. I'll just give you medicines th
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First Official Date
Chapter 10 It was the day of Carter's return. He called Isabella as soon as he gets off the plane. He wanted to see her as soon as possible. He missed smelling and kissing her adorable lips it looks like he's been longing to taste her. "I'm at the parking of the hospital. Go down now, I wanna take you somewhere" he said in a very sexy tone that made Isabella's heart flutter. Isabella rushed to the place his car was parked. She knocked on the door and was immediately pulled by the man inside who longed for her embrace. As soon as Isabella entered the car he pressed his thin lips into her and devour her for a long time. He felt he wanted more but he stopped thinking that they were still in a public place and doesn't want to shame their families from doing anything wrong. After the long passionate kiss, Carter looked at her beautiful face and rub his fingers through her messy hair. "I m
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