First Official Date

Chapter 10

It was the day of Carter's return. He called Isabella as soon as he gets off the plane. He wanted to see her as soon as possible. He missed smelling and kissing her adorable lips it looks like he's been longing to taste her.

"I'm at the parking of the hospital. Go down now, I wanna take you somewhere" he said in a very sexy tone that made Isabella's heart flutter.

Isabella rushed to the place his car was parked. She knocked on the door and was immediately pulled by the man inside who longed for her embrace. As soon as Isabella entered the car he pressed his thin lips into her and devour her for a long time. He felt he wanted more but he stopped thinking that they were still in a public place and doesn't want to shame their families from doing anything wrong. After the long passionate kiss, Carter looked at her beautiful face and rub his fingers through her messy hair.

"I m

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