A Proposal?

Chapter 11

When they entered the mansion they were welcomed by Olivia. She was very jolly. She grabbed Isabella's arm and pulled her to where her parents are without minding her brother who's at their back looking at them while smiling.

"So Dr. you're here as well. Come let's go to our garden. Mom and Dad are eating some snacks there with your parents." Olivia said.

Before they reached the garden Carter pulled Isabella beside her annoying her sister who is entangled in Isabella's arm.

"You go first. I have something to show Isabella at the study," he said to Olivia who is quite confused with his actions.

"Fine!" she pouted her thin lips as she walked past them. Olivia was very stubborn and spoiled so her reaction was just normal for Carter and Isabella.

Carter held Isabella's hand and lead the way to his study.

"What are

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