Jennifer You Annoy Me

Chapter 13

The next morning, when Isabella woke up it was already 10 in the morning. Isabella was shocked why doesn't her alarm rang. She had promised Carter that she'll meet her at the airport today at  11 in the morning. She rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and she still needs to pack her things.

Before she heads to the bathroom, she shouted for Rita her assistant to help her fix her things.

"Rita! Rita! Please help me here!"

"Yes madam", Rita rushed to her room when suddenly a man stopped her.

"You can go now, Rita. I'll help her". Rita was surprised to see Carter but she obeyed his order.

Carter started packing up for Isabella while she was still bathing.

When Isabella walk out of the bathroom her wet hair was still dripping but her body was just covered with a towel and her figure can be seen through it.

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