The flight home was peaceful. Most especially because I didn't see Kim anywhere. Our last encounter wasn't one I would want to repeat again. She irritated me so much I felt like doing something crazy to her like maybe pull her hair but that was way below my league.

"I am more classy for such low behavior like that." I said to myself as I smiled.

"Cherry, why are you smiling?" Adam asked as he pulled close to him.

"Nothing" I muttered before clearing my throat.

"Really?" He didn't believe me, I could see it in his eyes but I care less because there is no way in the world I will tell him what my thoughts were then he will see me as the jealous type.

'Oh no,' I shuddered because I'm not, although my subconscious didn't agree with me. I shake it off.

"Cherry?" He called again, drawing me out of my thought

"Ohm, oh how I miss my mom and dad. I hope dad is much better now." I said, changing the topic immediately.

"Oh, come here." He pulled me clos
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