One night stand with a Billionaire

One night stand with a Billionaire

By:  Pixiepiu  Completed
Language: English
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Losing her mother, Julia didn't stop her father from getting married again, her father's happiness was very important to her despite her reluctance. But she was only cheated on by her stepmother and sister. On her wedding day, she was drugged because of which she spent the night with an unknown man and endured the darkest moment of her life. Her boyfriend was taken away from her besides her father's shadow. She was forced to leave the country but her fate brought her back again to the place. Julia came back with a boy, her boy. Everything was going well but then she meets the man she spent the night with and the man was a Billionaire mafia, Joshua. [Mature content] “Sign this contract if you wish to see your family alive," Joshua roared at the disobedient woman. “What is this?” Julia asked in fear. “This is the agreement about you staying with me until I lose my interest in you,” Joshua smirked. When he came to know that he had a boy with the same woman he wanted to possess, then there will be havoc.

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Nisha Lazar
good story so far, but the recharge amount is killing
2024-05-14 21:17:48
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Pe Lu Mi
Great story
2024-04-25 23:15:31
user avatar
New book update - Dear husband, I have become ruthless.
2024-04-09 17:44:43
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Collette Brown
Was a great story
2024-03-27 22:14:54
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This was a fabulous story!! Highly recommend. Loved it all.
2024-02-26 02:59:17
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Keith Luna
Where I can buy this book?
2024-02-04 09:12:33
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A very nice story. A good transition of the story as it goes on on every chapters. Can’t stop reading it until the end. Thank you author. ......️
2024-01-08 15:06:54
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Maria Ramos
Amazing story. Perfect characters and timmings.
2024-01-08 09:50:15
user avatar
Virgo Agusto
ilove it this story
2023-12-31 01:20:11
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lindaski Waylingaw
Very interesting; it keeps me hooked, and I love the main characters' portrayals.
2023-12-14 02:46:46
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Very Well written. This writer is one of the best here…
2023-11-12 02:53:25
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Spamming the review section is absolutely stupid. Please don't mess it up. Readers who actually enjoy reading books are urged not to fall for these tricks. These people are scams who promised chapters of this book through direct messaging. Beware!!
2023-10-08 02:32:25
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Great thought out storyline!! Kept me captivated right up to the end!
2023-09-23 16:59:26
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Brenda White
this is one of my favorite novels. I loved the main characters.
2023-09-18 22:05:15
user avatar
Can you write Benjamin's story next?
2023-08-08 05:38:04
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138 Chapters
The drug
Timothy, my beloved, and I are about to get married. We have shared many dreams over the course of our long relationship, and we have now started the process of turning those dreams become reality. My step-sister, who appeared to be thrilled for me, and my entire family were happy. ★★★ Julia complained as she proceeded to her mother, "I forgot my veil in Stacy's room. Mother, could you please go get that for me?” Julia asked her stepmother, who furrowed her brows and scowled. “Use your feet, my love," her stepmother politely declined a minor request, but it didn't matter to her. Julia was never one to hold grudges, so she didn't bother nagging any further. Julia was dragging her bridal gown to the door when her mother cried out, "Wait, Julia, how could I forget to give you this?" “What exactly is this?" Julia inquired, her gaze fixed on the glass of water in her mother's palm. “This is holy water. I hoped for the best for your future,” her stepmother replied, caressing her head.
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The following day
★★★ The next morning, Julia was in severe pain throughout her body. Rubbing her raw eyes, she moaned. She suddenly sensed that someone else was napping next to her, and when she turned her head to the other side, she indeed saw a man who had his back on her side. Julia jumped in fright, covering her mouth with the back of her hand. She was conscious of her nakedness beneath the sheet. Knowing what she had done to her, she began to cry. She was scared of the outside world and of facing Timothy, the guy she loved. She shook her head, "No, no, I can't." And made up her mind to never return to this city again. She got down, wiped her eyes, and picked up the gown off the ground. She stepped out of the room after putting it on. ** In the late afternoon, someone pushed in the door, disturbing the man's sleep. He said, "Stay out," since he believed the girl was still lying next to him, but this was all his imagination because the girl had already left. But on his shouting; the individua
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Forcing her to the edge
★★ “How could you do such a thing to me? What have I done to you?" Julia sobbed as she realized it was her family who had mercilessly murdered her soul. "Because you've been loved by everyone, and that's exactly what I deserve." But our father is indifferent to me. Timothy never glanced at me, even if I wear the crown in his honor,” Stacy spit viciously in Julia's face, exacerbating Julia’s misery. As she wiped the tears from her cheeks, Julia whispered, "God will not spare you. “There is no God. If there were, you would not have experienced this and you would not be sobbing in front of me right now. So… my dear sister! You only have two choices: listen to us or allow us to post your video online,” Stacy remarked as she sat down in front of Julia. “After ruining me so much, what else do you want?” Julia yelled with red eyes. What miserable people they were, she could not believe. She had recently realized how her father and she had become victims of their trap. "Well, not much, r
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The Dangerous Mafia
★★ Rosetta Gussle stated, gazing at Joshua's back who was unwilling to look back, "I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." The Gussle family had a lot of clout in the world of politics. They had the power to melt iron, but Joshua's might was greater. Joshua whirled around when she spoke this, his black eyes meeting hers. It was very apparent that her presence did not please Joshua much. “If you think you can keep me waiting, then you must be mistaken. Miss Gussle. Have a seat,” Joshua paused before continuing, “You've got to come to see me because I want you to,” Joshua stated monotonously. When Rosetta unexpectedly felt her leg fall into a puddle during a great conversation, she could not screech but smile as if nothing happened. Rosetta took a seat, crossed one leg over the other, and grinned sweetly before saying, "Thank you so much for the time." She would need to be meek and approach Joshua because being haughty would not be useful in this situation. “Did you come to my
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Five years later
Five years later, ★★ “Don't let go of my hand, Julius. We won't be able to leave the airport until I check a few things. Can you lend a helping hand to your mother?” Julia was conversing with her four-year-old son. He will turn five in a few days. According to Julia, he was the naughtiest child in the world but would display his great heart if he ever heard her mother in difficulties. “Yes-ss, Mom. Look!! My feet are following yours," Julius said to her mother in a muddled manner, but Julia understood every word because she was the mother. “Thank you. Your aunt, Sussan will be there in a moment." Julia muttered to her son Julius, who was overjoyed when he heard Aunt Sussan's name as he was going to meet her for the first time. “Julia!” A woman shouted Julia's name from afar, holding a flower bouquet and a large toy car. “Sussan,” Julia murmured in between her smiles and waved her hand in delight. They hadn't seen one other in a long time. Julius, her son, began waving his hands w
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Back to home
★★ Julia entered her house with shaky legs and couldn't keep them strong from swaying. She had returned after five years with the same pain in her heart. Her gaze wandered to the decor, which had changed considerably from what her mother had done before she departed this world. She walked while exhaling sharp pains that wounded her spirit. She only needed to endure the pain because she came here to meet her father. She started to walk up the steps while shoving a lock of hair behind her ears, but a familiar voice stopped her. “My dear sister.” When Julia looked up, she saw her stepsister Stacy holding hands with her boyfriend Timothy. Her heart began to ache suddenly. She has been moving forward all these years with the attitude that she did not deserve him and will be content with whoever he picked for himself. In spite of this, she was there to experience the abandoned anguish that she had been avoiding for so long. Julia stood frozen, locking sight with Timothy, who was blazin
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Love, tears & Betrayal
★★ Julia pushed the door to her father's room with a heavy heart, and a strong medicine stench hit her nose. “Dad!!” Julia called her father after noticing a figure on the bed with closed eyes, appearing frail and dehydrated. She walked to her father with a heavy heart. Her father's health suffered as a result of the pain she brought. How could she possibly forgive her? "How are you, Father?" Julia sobbed quietly. Countless tears fell from her eyes as she examined her father's condition. She was the only one to blame. Caressing her father’s head, she pulled out her phone to call the doctor. That was when her father opened his eyes and a ray of joy flashed in them. “Julia, my daughter,” he weakly said. “Yes, Father,” Julia replied, bringing her face close to her father. She said, “Dad, I am sorry. I am not a filial daughter, also created trouble for you but Dad, I was played. Your daughter didn’t want anything like that.” “I believe you,” her father’s weak voice said and instant
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The dish has served
★★ “Julius!" Julia cried as she flung open the door to her friend's home. Her eyes yearned to see her child and feel the love. She really wanted to hold on to her son in order to feel less helpless and alone. “Hush! He has fallen asleep waiting for you all evening,” Sussan quickly informed her, then narrowed her eyes and inquired, “Have you cried?” “No!" Julia made an excuse, "No, just dust bothering my eyes," and stepped up to the couch to take a seat. She closed her eyes and collapsed into the couch. “Have you met your dad?" Sussan enquired because she was aware of the specific type of dust that Julia would find most irritating. Julia murmured, raking her fingers through her hair, "Yes, and I let him down as a daughter." “Possibly you did!!” Sussan comforted Julia by saying, "But I think you were obligated to do that.” Sussan coaxed Julia with comforting words. She knew Julia wouldn't have an easy life in another country."Life is a challenge. And time is a teacher who educates
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The tension
★★★ ‘Why does this man resemble my son? Like a carbon replica of Julius. Please, Lord, don't tell me he's connected to my son.' Julia's stomach grumbled as her terrible thoughts scratched the surface of her heart. “Joshua,” the man introduced himself. Julia glanced at the man and his moving lips as he spoke something, but nothing reached her mind since Julia was drowning in her problem. “Sorry... I-I didn’t catch that,” She said while being cognizant of the situation. Her mind was a mess. On the other hand, if somebody did do that, it would be an insult to Joshua. However, he seemed to be extremely relaxed with Julia; someone he met in a unique circumstance. “Joshua is my name,” Joshua grinned as he introduced himself to the woman, who he could see didn't want to talk to him for very long. "Pardon me! I have arrived in the incorrect room. I'm leaving now," Julia hurriedly said, hoping that this wicked person wouldn't cause her any trouble. She had kicked him earlier because he h
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She was persuaded
★★★“How are things going?"As soon as they left the room, Zach queried. Julia placed her palm on her left chest and took a few breaths in and out before replying, "Thank you, Zach. If you didn't show up, I'm not sure what I'd do."“Exactly what's wrong?”Zach looked down at Julia and said, "Seems like you know my uncle."Although she smiled in response to his question, the concern was visible as sweat stains on her forehead.“I just had the worst talk with your uncle. I didn't want any problems to come my way,” Julia breathed a sigh, and continued, “Having no way out, I did this. I'm sorry!!” Julia murmured, concealing a vital point from him. Julia didn't mind if the guy revealed the truth to Zach after she was gone.But Julia would be relieved that there would be no squabbles between them from now on, and she would no longer be the center of attention.“He's aloof, quiet, and, well, difficult to govern. Nobody wants to misbehave around him. I recognize your discomfort, so don't be al
Read more Protection Status