Finally, Spanish class has come to an end. That is probably going to be the most boring class I'm in. I even caught Thea sleeping. The teacher, Ms. Lopez, was talking so slow and kept stopping to give me an odd look. Weird lady.

Thea and I quickly run out of the class, looking and feeling exhausted.

"That was torture. Is that what you go through every time?" I ask Thea as we exit the classroom.

"You wouldn't believe." She shakes her head dramatically.

“She’s just the substitute though. Our real teacher is actually pretty cool. She’s on maternity leave.” She turns to look at me and her expression suddenly to one I don’t recognize.

"Onda, we’ve known each other for less than a week and a lot has happened since we met. I want you to know that I’ll never break my promise. I promised to protect you and I will. Okay?"

"Where’s all this coming fr..."

"Are you ready?" I jump, startled by the voice ever-so-close

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