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Onda has been on the run from a young age. Running from an evil she has only heard of, never seem. Unknown to her, she is running from the truth, the truth that could change her life - and the world as she knows it - forever. Will she eventually discover this truth or will she keep blindly running from an unknown enemy. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" "I was born ready."

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keep going! is there any social media to discuss your story?
2021-07-23 15:35:25
22 Chapters
Onda Thorne I don’t remember ever hearing birds chirping by my window whenever I wake up in the morning. And the air certainly wasn’t this chilly last night. I slowly open my eyes and the first thing I see is the bright blue sky high above me. I gather myself in a daze and sit up. This definitely isn’t my room. Why am I in the woods? What happened last night? The trees surrounding me are thinner than the ones I know. The branches are bare and the ground is covered in freshly fallen leaves. I could’ve sworn that they were all brown yesterday. Voices fill the air and I stand up as swiftly as I can. I’m either in the wrong woods or these people are lost. I follow the voices and they lead me to a large clearing that resembles an old village. How have I never seen this before? I turn around, frantically studying the unfamiliar environment. Men and women walk past me and little children r
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I spring up from bed, drenched in sweat like I just ran 4k. My dream replays in my mind like a movie on repeat. “What was that? I was really hoping for a good dream today.” I peel off my old blanket and head to the kitchen, just outside the bedroom. “Morning Doc.” I greet Dr. Howard but as usual, he doesn’t reply. Rude much? “You know some people would find it very rude when you don’t reply their greetings every day.” I pull open the cabinet doors to find a can of baked beans and a single packet of noodles. “Doc you didn’t tell me we were out of food. What am I going to eat now?” I sigh and leave to get dressed. I pull on my usual hunting attire, which definitely needs to be washed. “You’re definitely not getting anything I catch.” I slam the small picture frame on the two-person table and step outside. The sun is already so high in the sky you would think it was 2pm, it’s just 8 in the morning. Grabbing my bow and only
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I don’t know how long I’ve been walking for but I can feel my legs start to give out. My silvery hair falls out of the messy bun it’s in and I sloppily put it back.I left the house as soon as I got the second message from my mother. I packed as lightly as I could, only filling my bag pack with the essentials.The sun is high up in the sky once again. I check my watch and it’s actually 2pm. I’ve spent a night on the road so that means I’ve been walking for well over a day, only stopping 3 times – to sleep, for a bathroom break and to eat the last of my food.I left my old town a few miles back and now all I can see is empty, green land. The only people I’ve seen in the past few hours are bikers. A few have asked me if I needed a ride but I declined every time.“Don’t trust anyone.” I repeat to herself for the umpteenth time.I struggle to lift my feet as they start to feel heavy but
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I’m awake but my eyes feel too heavy to open. I’m lying down on something soft, definitely not where I passed out. Everywhere is silent for a few minutes before a girl speaks up. “She’s breathing but she isn’t waking up. Should I just dump water on her?” Sounds like the waitress from the diner. “Probably. I don’t know. Why’re you asking me?” A guy answers. “I’ll do it.” I hear someone leave the room and come back in a few seconds. The lady whispers a countdown from 3 as I try to open my eyes. As the countdown ends, I’m drenched in cold water, waking me up completely. I jump up from the couch, my blades already out. I’m already in a fighting stance, surveying the room. “Where am I?” The first question I ask. The other three people in the room stare at my hands in amazement. They look at me, and then each other before settling their eyes back on the sight in front of them. “I guess we were right.” The lady says. I glare a
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“Joey and I need to get back to the diner but we’ll be back in a few hours. West is here so don’t worry about being alone.” Being alone is the last of my worries. “Do I really have to be alone with him? Can’t I just go with you?” I whine. I haven’t really talked to him much but from the looks of it, he definitely doesn’t like me. “No you need to rest and I can tell you’re not used to the smell of alcohol, you looked like you were about to puke when you walked in there. And don’t worry about West, he may seem a little tough but he’s harmless. A little grumpy but nothing to worry about. We’ll be back soon.” Thea puts on her apron and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her. After a few minutes, I hear the front door slam shut and a car engine roars to life. As soon as the car sounds far enough, I get up from the bed and leave the room as quietly as I can. I tiptoe downstairs, looking out for West but he’s nowhere in sight. Deciding on taking a quick tour
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“Rise and shine. Breakfast is ready.” Thea softly shakes the bed. I yawn widely and stretch on the soft bed for a few seconds before sitting up. That felt nice. Odd, but nice. “Wow. I don’t remember the last time I slept in a bed this soft and comfy. I could get used to this.” I climb out of bed and follow Thea downstairs. The smell of fresh toast fills the air and Thea and I double our speed. “Morning Thea. Morning Onda.” Joey greets while West just grunts. Everyone takes their seats and starts eating as Joey serves orange juice into everyone’s cup. “So do you guys always cook or how does it work?” I ask, referring to Joey and West. “We rotate it week by week. The boys cook for a week then I cook for the next week. Today’s Saturday so my week starts tomorrow. And since you’re here, you get to help. I finally have a kitchen assistant.” Thea says excitedly. We finish breakfast quickly. Thea and I remain at the table while the bo
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Thea slams the front door and stomps around the living room, letting off steam as best as she can. West and I follow, with shopping bags in both hands. Joey emerges from the kitchen with a towel in his hand. “Hey guys.” Joey’s smile slowly fades as he senses something is off. “What happened?” He asks cautiously. Thea turns to him, still fuming, “I’ll tell you what happened. It’s those disrespectful brats, those little punks who believe that they’re better than us but they don’t know I could snap them in half without breaking a sweat if I wanted to.” I stand awkwardly by the door with the bags still in my hand while West drops on the couch like he’s completely used to the situation. I don’t know what to do. Do I just leave the room? “Derek and his friends?” Joey asks. “Derek and his friends.” West nods. “They want to threaten me! Me? Bad choice.” Thea finally storms off. “Let’s get you unpacked.” Joey helps me with some
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Sunday morning.I toss from side to side as Thea shakes the bed. It’s too early for whatever this is about.“I’m trying to sleep.”“And I’m trying to wake you up. Wake up!” Thea yells in my ear, making me jump.“What? It’s”, I turn to check the clock, “5:30 in the morning. Even the sun hasn’t woken up yet, why should I?”“Because it’s time for our morning run.” A voice replies. Thea and I turn to the door to find it open with West leaning on the doorframe.“West please tell Joey that she is finally awake and will be done in 5.”Thea points to me as I quietly pulls the covers back over my head, “You! Stand up and get dressed. Meet me downstairs in 3.” She walks to the door and stops to glare at me.“And don’t make me come back here.” With that she leaves, leaving me slightly frightene
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I'm lying on something even softer than before. I'm going to open my eyes at the count of three and I better not see Darius again. One. "Onda, wake up." Two.             "Is she awake yet?" Three. "Does it look like she's awake?" My eyes slowly flutter open to find the boys gathered around me and Thea pacing around the room, running her hands through her bright red hair. “Oh thank goodness you’re awake.” Joey says letting out a relieved sigh. Thea snaps her head in my direction and rushes to the couch. “Oh gosh. You’re okay. What happened? Are you alright?” She kneels in front of the couch. “I think so.” I try sitting up, using my hands to support me but I land back on the couch. “Or maybe not. Why do I feel like I was dropped from the top of a building?” “Because Joey tripped while he was carr
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The boys are up front, with West driving and Joey in the passenger seat. Thea and I are in the back going over the dos and don’ts. “So we’re going to go to the office first to get some stuff like your timetable and locker information.” Thea preps me while adjusting my clothes here and there. For some reason she’s more nervous than I am and I’m supposed to be the newbie here. “Thea will you please calm down, I can feel your legs shaking through the chair.” “I don’t know why I’m on edge honestly. I feel like a mother who’s sending her kid off for the first day of preschool.” “First of all, we’ve known each other for less than a week.” I comment. “It feels like a year to me.” Thea mumbles. “And second of all, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be fine. You said as long as I don’t use my powers and avoid problems then I’ll be okay.” “It’s the avoid problems part that isn’t as easy as you think.” Joey says. “If you would all stop
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