“I see you’re feeling better.”

“Better than ever.” Joey beams as he plays around with his balls of fire.

“So what exactly was the problem?” Thea asks.

“I still don’t know but I’m better now, that’s all that matters to me.” I will take my actions to the grave. Telling them is only going to make them trust me less, as if they trust me at all already.

“Okay everyone in the car.” West orders as he grabs the keys from the coffee table.

With Joey in front of me, leading the way, and Thea and West behind me, we all head for the front door. I stop in my tracks, feeling a sneeze coming.

“Oh no.”

My loud sneeze is followed by a slight tremor and the house shivers. The sound of plates and utensils hitting the floor in the kitchen takes the lead and the bookshelf by the window is half empty. Everyone turns to me as I flash a nervous smile.

“Surprise. It’s back.”



It's been over a month since I updated this book and to those who actually care, I'm deeply sorry. A lot has been going on in the past two months but hopefully they're all resolved. Thank you for still reading this book (to those who are actually reading lol) even with how boring it is. I really appreciate it. Thanks. XOXO

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