"... And I expect you to hand in your projects by Friday and make sure you work as a team." Mrs. Jones, our English Literature teacher, says to the class.


"Well that's the bell. Now off to lunch. Ms. Thorne, a word please."

I give Thea a questioning look and she gestures for me to go over to Mrs. Jones as she walks out of the class.

"Since you're a new student and I hate having students who are not caught up with the rest of the class, here is a copy of all that I have taught the class this term. That includes all the assignments. Read it, because..."

She pauses and looks around the empty classroom.

"Don't tell anyone but there is a pop quiz coming up this Friday and I don't want my new student failing."

"Thank you ma'am. My lips are sealed." I smile at her.

I place the binder in my bag and walk out of the class and see Thea at the door. We start walking down the hall together.

"What was that all about?"

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