Meeting Drake's Friends

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Anna's alarm woke her up at 6.30am the next day. She sat up and raised her fist in in the air and screamed "Woohoo" excitedly. Her face was plastered with a wide grin that could easily make one think she just won billions of dollars lottery. But to Anna, having the opportunity to attend  her dream campus and have lectures is worth more than that.

She stood up and rushed to the bathroom and did the usuals. When she got out from her bathroom she reached for her closet and glanced through her clothes looking for the right clothing that matches her happy mood. After a moment of searching, she settled for a white crop top and sort of a baggy black pants. She paired it with her white sneakers and grabbed her phone and wallet and put them inside her white backpack on the bed.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror and she picked up her hairbrush and brushed her silky straight hair which cascaded down her back. She picked up her pink lipstick and applied it on her lips, and the last thing she applied on her face was her mascara. She grabbed her backpack and glanced one more time at the mirror and she smiled with satisfaction and exited her bedroom.

She made it halfway to the kitchen and she halted. "Should I make coffee or just grab one on my way to school?" she contemplated for a moment. "I think I'll just stop by a coffee shop on my way out".

She came out of her apartment and locked her door. When she turnaround to leave, she halted and was greeted by the sight of an unexpected visitor.

"Surprise surprise" Drake's voice greeted her from his bike where he stood cross-legged smiling.

"Drake" she called his name in almost a whisper still astounded of his appearance.

" didn't tell me you were coming to pick me up for school, you even said yesterday that we're going to see in school".

"Yes, I did say that. But I changed my mind and decided to be your rider because I know you'll pay me really good" he joked and laughed.

"Quit teasing and tell me why you suddenly showed up here" she replied walking up to him.

"Because a princess like you needs a ride from a prince charming like myself. C'mon ride with me, we'll be late if we delay one more minute. And by the way, you look so stunning" he winked at her and picked up the helmet on the backseat and stood there waiting for her to accept his invitation.

Anna stared at Drake in silence before she hesitatingly walked to the bike. He smiled and wore the helmet on her head.

"Suits you perfectly" he said and grabbed on to his and wore it on. He climbed onto his bike and he glanced back at her. "Hop on".

She hop-on in silence and held on to his waist tighter without waiting for him to remind her like yesterday.

"Someone is learning" he chuckled and turn on the engine of the bike to life and drove off to the campus.

"We're here" he announced as they got into the campus. Anna gently climbed off the bike and stared around her surroundings in awe.

"Yes! I made it!" She yelled giggling and spinning around with her hands wide open.

Drake watched with amusement and climbed off his bike and locked it. He walked over to her and stood beside her, "You seem overly excited" he said and she nods repeatedly.

"Of course I am. I only saw pictures of my dream campus online but today here I am standing in it for real!" she exclaimed and he laughed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"C'mon let me show you around to the Dean's office, I guess from there you'll be able to get other information you need to get started".

"Thank you. And thank you for the ride to school, you actually saved me the stress of finding my way down here".

As they both walked into the school premises down to the corridor, they were getting some stares from the students and Anna was beginning to get uncomfortable with it and her steps were slowing down.

"What's up with them? They're staring at us like we're new.... oh it's actually me they're staring at. Everyone seems to notice a newbie" she said glancing to her left and right and back to Drake.

"Well you're partially right. The main reason they're staring at us is because they see me with you" his reply got Anna to stop on her tracks.

"Because they see you with me? What's that suppose to mean?".

"That's a story to be told during break time or after school hours" he replied and took her hand to continue walking but she flinched from his hold.

"No you tell me now so I'll know my boundaries" she half-yelled causing a little attention.

"Hey D-cool" someone yelled from behind and Drake head snaps up to the direction. It was Jay one of his close friends in campus. He wasn't alone, he was with two of his other friends which completes their group to be four.

"Hey Jay, Brad, Nicole. What's up guys?" he greeted as they stood in front of him.

"Wooh who is this shining beauty standing right next to you?" Brad asked whistling.

"Don't tell me Drake has finally gotten a girlfriend because I'll be heartbroken" Nicole said and placed her hands on her chest dramatically fake hurting.

"D-cool wouldn't hide his new relationship with such a cutie from us. By the way, I don't think I've seen this face before, may I....?"

"Can you guys just cut it short?" Drake half-yelled cutting Jay mid-sentence.

His friends glanced at each other faces and stared back at him.

"What is going on here? Who are this people Drake? And what does D-cool even means?" Anna asked confusedly.

"You don't know? You mean he didn't tell you?" Jay asked with wide eyes and Anna shook her head.

"Of course he wouldn't tell her that. You want her to get jealous knowing Drake is the coolest guy in this campus and girls are going crazy over him?" Nicole answered to Jay's question and Anna frowns at her comment.

"Don't mind them. D-cool simply stands for Drake Cool. The 'cool' attached to it actually means Drake is one of the coolest and gentle guy in the whole of this campus. So the three of us came up with the nickname because it suits his attribute".

"Ann pay no attention to this guys, I've told them to stop calling me that dumb nickname but they've refused to listen to me".

"Stop acting like you don't like it" Nicole hissed and rolled her eyes. "My name is Nicole but you can call me Nic" she extended her hand to Anna and she took it. "This dumbass here don't want to introduce you to us so I'll do it myself".

"Shut up!" Drake growled playfully at her and she snickered. "Anna meet my friends Brad, Jay and Nicole. Guys meet my new friend, Anna but I call her Ann. She's a freshman".

"You could have simply said 'guys meet my new girlfriend" Brad teased and Anna smiled.

"No, I'm his friend. Nice to meet you guys" Anna replied.

"It's a pleasure. Welcome to our group, there are lots of things I need to tell you about this guys especially Drake. Come with me" Nicole wrapped her arm around Anna shoulders and led her out of the guys presence.

"Nicole, now is not the time for gossip, I need to take her to the Dean's office".

"Don't worry I can show her around" Nicole yelled back waving her hand in the air.

"What is wrong with her?!" Drake yelled at his friends.

"C'mon, chill, she's just trying to get aquainted with your girlfriend" Jay said tapping his shoulder.

"She should have let me tour her around instead" Drake spat angrily.

"Why are you feeling upset now?" Brad shrugged.

"Because Nicole just stole his girlfriend away from him" Jay laughed and Brad joined him.

"Screw you both" Drake scowled at them and started walking away from them. They followed him and continued chuckling while Jay wrapped his arm around his shoulders. He stayed still and when he glanced at them a big smile spread on his face.

Nicole walked Anna to the Dean's office just like she had said. "Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm Nicole Bellion, I'm in my sophomore year. I met Drake and his friends in my freshman year, then they were in their sophomore year. I was crushing on Brad before I became friends with Drake which gave me the opportunity to also become friends with Brad and then at the end of my freshman year, Brad asked me to be his girlfriend" she giggled and Anna smiled.

"How sweet that could be" Anna said and Nicole nodded to that.

"Drake is a handsome and cool guy, he doesn't have a girlfriend even when girls are swooping around him like bees. He's so intelligent and smart. Very hard-working and caring. Are you guys dating?".

"No, we just met two days ago. We're just friends".

"If he ever ask you to be his girlfriend which he'll soon do, never you hesitate to say yes to him. Okay?".

Anna laughed and shook her head amusingly.

"We're here" Nicole pointed to the Dean's office in front of them. "Go on in, I'll wait out here for you".

Anna nods and knocked once and she heard a masculine voice yelled 'come in'  before she went inside the office. "Good morning Sir" she greeted.

"Good morning, how may I be of help to you?" the man who was sitting on his comfy chair asked not glancing up to know who is standing in front of him.

Anna gaze fell on the tag on the man's suit with the name Mr. Vince. "I'm Anna Greg, a freshman. I'm here for...."

"There's no need to go further Miss Greg" he cuts her off and she felt embarrassed and gaped at him. Mr. Vince hand trace his  drawer beside his desk and brought out piles of files. He searched through the files silently until he found that of Anna's.

He opened it and pulled out a sheet of paper from the file and handed it to Anna. It was Anna's timetable for lectures.

"Thank you Sir".

"There's a map behind the timetable just in case you lost your way while going. Feel free to ask questions before you leave here".

"Can I change my study schedules later if I'm not okay with this after reviewing it?"

"Yes you can" he answered.

"Thank you". Anna stood up and bow slightly before exiting the office.

"Was he hard on you?" Nicole asked when Anna appeared in front of her.

"No, he was okay" she answered and they both started walking.

"What's your first class for the day?".

"Let me check" Anna and Nicole glanced at the timetable. "Biology" they both said in unison.

"Great, we're having the same class this morning!" Nicole exclaimed excitedly and glanced at her wristwatch. "We're 10mins late, let's hurry up".

They both started jogging towards the corridor passing students who were sending glances at them but they kept moving knowing they were behind time to want to care about what they staring at.

"I can't believe I'm late on the first day of my class".

"That's the fun part of being a freshman" Nicole giggled and Anna shook her head smiling.

"Just a room away" Nicole said and she made a left turn and they were standing in front of a classroom. "We're here". She peeped through the window and a female lecturer was talking.

"Is it okay for us to go in after we're late?" Anna asked.

"Of course, let's go in" Nicole twisted the knob and opened the door, while Anna hide behind Nicole's back.

"Good morning Miss Betty" Nicole greeted in a bored tone and walked to her sit in the middle of the class. While Anna stood still close to the door.

"How many times will I tell you not to be late to my class, Nicole?" Miss Betty asked and Nicole rolled her eyes at her question.

"We're sorry ma'am, it's my fault" Anna spoke up to defend her friend. Truly it was her fault for keeping Nicole waiting while in the Dean's office but Nicole cared less to want to give any explanation.

All gaze fell on her and she stared directly at her new friend, Nicole. Nicole facepalm herself hearing her friend apologize over nothing.

"And you are?" Miss Betty questioned staring at Anna.

"Anna Greg, a freshman". There was a whistling sound from the guys and a cold glare coming from some of the females students.

"You're welcome Anna Greg. Please take a sit beside Smith and let's continue the class".

Anna made her way to sit beside Smith which was just right behind Nicole.

She stole a glance at Nicole and she wiggled her brows at Anna.

"Anna please note that late tolerance is exempted in my class".

"Yes ma'am".

"Don't apologize to that bitch next time" Nicole whispered behind Anna and she snickered.

"Anna is there something you find funny in what I just said?" Miss Betty asked and Anna turnaround and glanced back at Nicole who was grinning from ear to ear.

She glanced back at Miss Betty and shook her head smiling. "Nicole will for sure put me in trouble" she thought.

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