A Sad Murder

A Sad Murder

By:  Maryel  Completed
Language: English
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Eighteen years old Anna Greg just got admission into her dream campus far away from home. Shortly after she moved in, she had a feeling someone was stalking her. When she told her boyfriend and her friends they didn't believe her, they all thought it was all an illusion and urged her to visit a therapist. Not until Anna's boyfriend was murdered right in her apartment did they believed her but then it was too late. Anna is left to figure out how to save not just herself from the murderer but also her loved ones. A Sad Murder is a suspense thriller that intrigues you to read every chapter of it.

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I love the novel ...
2023-04-29 20:49:04
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Aku, Cuma lewat ehehheh Mau... Izin promo Jika, Berkenan... Mari mampir juga di novel, Aku?! ADIK KU SUAMI KU
2022-02-01 14:58:43
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S.Oyogho dancing pen
Nice one author
2021-09-26 11:56:30
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White Lotus
halo, jangan lupa mampir juga di novelku judulnya Cermin Dari Nenek seru loh genre horor petualangan yuk baca jangan lupa favorite nya thanks you ......
2021-09-04 19:17:31
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Mary Linus
My kind of book.😎 I'm loving it already!
2021-07-06 22:01:03
51 Chapters
Leaving Home
A/n: hey amazing reader! Thanks for stopping by to read my book, I urge you not to stop reading because this book is quite an interesting thriller you don't want to miss every suspense of it. Reading this book is just like watching a suspense thriller movie😉 you know what I'm saying huh? Show your support by rating and commenting on the homepage and also remember to recommend to friends & family!   Let's dive into episode 01!   ~~~••••°°°°~~~|•°°°°   Anna Greg is eighteen and she's the only child of the Greg's. She's a beautiful girl with round blue eyes and a long black straight hair. She's not chubby, she has just the perfect body shape and height of Sabrina Carpenter the famous actress and singer. Sabrina loves listening to rock music and she's also good with playing rock guitars. She's not the typical nerd girl, but she's a smart and brilliant girl which always have her A's and
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Making A New Friend
Anna got to her new apartment in Waterford Lismore Ireland, it was a bungalow which had a furnished room and a parlor combined with kitchen utensils and bathroom. Here she felt safe and comfortable since she won't have to share anything with anyone just like it is in the hostel. When you talk about privacy, Anna Greg so much get freaked out with it. She singlehandedly put her belongings in her wardrobe and she flop her body on her mattress. "This is so perfect, I love it here!" she said excitedly rolling back and forth on her bed. While she was still giggling and rolling on her bed the song of Zara Larsson ft Mnek titled Never Forget You came alive, immediately she sat up and dig her hand in her pocket and brought out her iPhone and placed it on her ear. "Hey mom, missing me already?" she shrieked smiling. "I was missing you even before you left me. Have you gotten to your apartment?" her mom replied on her end. "Yes, just got here. Mom the place is reall
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A First Date
It's midnight and Anna's phone kept buzzing disrupting her perfect sleep. She ignored her buzzing phone and changed her sleeping position to laying face flat on the bed and using her pillows to cover her ears. To her she felt it was too late for anyone to be calling her. The phone stopped buzzing for a moment and then in few seconds it was back to buzzing. Anna woke up upset and reached for her phone."Who the hell is it? Don't you know the rules for calling me?" "Woah. Take it easy Missy, I'm sorry I didn't know you've got rules for taking calls, perhaps I'll have to read them before calling you next time" the male's voice answered calmly.  "And who are you?" she asked rudely causing the caller to sigh heavily. "It's your new boyfriend at the grocery store" he said in humour and laughed. "Why are you calling so late? Don't you sleep at night?" she asked smoothening her hair with her hands. "I'm sorry I'm calling late, is becau
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Meeting Drake's Friends
Playlist ~ Alan Walker - Spectre   Anna's alarm woke her up at 6.30am the next day. She sat up and raised her fist in in the air and screamed "Woohoo" excitedly. Her face was plastered with a wide grin that could easily make one think she just won billions of dollars lottery. But to Anna, having the opportunity to attend  her dream campus and have lectures is worth more than that. She stood up and rushed to the bathroom and did the usuals. When she got out from her bathroom she reached for her closet and glanced through her clothes looking for the right clothing that matches her happy mood. After a moment of searching, she settled for a white crop top and sort of a baggy black pants. She paired it with her white sneakers and grabbed her phone and wallet and put them inside her white backpack on the bed. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and she picked up her hairbrush and brushed her silky straight hair which cascad
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I Just Got Hired
  Drake was waiting up for Anna outside her classroom for him to take her home after the day's lectures. During their break earlier, Anna had showed him her timetable and that was how he knew the last lecture she would be having for the day which was Mathematics.   "Hey Drake, you were waiting up for me already?" she called out to him as she stepped out of the classroom.   "Yes before Nicole will steal you away from me again" he answered smiling and walked up to her.   "Is someone beginning to get jealous of my friendship with Nicole?" she teased.   "I wouldn't be if she doesn't interfere with my time with you" he replied.   "Anna!" a feminine voice squeals from behind them and when they turnaround it was Nicole.   "Speaking of the devil" Drake groaned with an eye roll and Anna chuckled.   "Gossiping about me?" she chirped in
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Drake's Family
Few days later, Drake and Anna were off work duty. It's a Sunday and Drake had invited Anna to his family's house to meet his sisters and Mom and she had accepted the invitation. Anna is at the doorstep feeling nervous as she pressed the doorbell once. The door flew open within a minute and Drake appeared in front of her. "Hey" she greeted shyly. "Hey, you're right on time. Come on in" he said ushering her in. She nods and followed him inside. When she got inside Drake's two sisters were standing halfway to the door smiling widely. Drake's immediate younger sister Kylie who is fifteen years old walk up to Anna and stood in front of her. "Hi, you're welcome" Kylie greeted and hugged her briefly while Anna slowly hugged her back. "Thank you" she smiled and released her from the embrace. "Hello Anna, my brother has told us so much about you" Julia the youngest of Drake's sister who is 8years old said and stepped forward. "
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I'm Being Followed
Anna went on her knees and gently picked up the frame. She gasps when she saw how badly broken it has become. "Oh my God, how did this happen?" she cried out touching the picture of the broken frame and then a tiny piece of the broken glass pierced her right middle finger. "Ouch" she squealed and threw off the frame on the floor and held her right middle finger tight and blood gushed out. She stood up and rushed to the kitchen sink to wash it off. "Shit!" she cussed as she washed off the blood but more kept gushing out. She off the tap and walked out of the kitchen to her room. She searched in her cupboard for some first-aid kits and luckily she found one. She hastily clean it up and put on a plaster on it. "Oh no, I pray it goes before morning, I can't afford to take a day off from work over a silly mistake like this one" she puffed an air and shut her eyes closed for a moment. When she flutters it open, her gaze narrowed down to her window, it was half-opened. She
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Calm down and Breathe
Anna woke up the next morning with a knock on her door. When she got out of her room and went to check who was at the doorstep, she saw no one. She looked around finding who had knocked but no one was in sight. "Is this a joke or what?" she asked feeling upset and her gaze never left her surroundings. "Drake are you out there?" she half-yelled and no response came her way. "It obviously can't be Drake, if he was the one, his bike would be parked outside" she thought. Anna went back inside and slammed the door closed. "Maybe I heard wrong, right?" she thought again and glanced back to the door briefly before returning her gaze back to where she was heading to which was the kitchen. She tried to shut all negative thoughts but the more she tried the more the thoughts of her being in harm keeps coming up. She lost appetite of eating and she turnaround and went back to her room. When she got in front of her room door to open it and get inside, another knoc
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Be My Girlfriend
When Drake released Anna from his embrace she was still feeling scared. "Please don't leave me here he might come back for me" she begged holding on to his shirt and he stared at her for a moment and a chuckle escaped his mouth. "What do you mean he'll come back for you? Who is coming back for you?" he asked with open arms. "He... that person I saw...he..." "Ann! Stop being dramatic! You're just imagining things, there's no one out there. Have you been seeing a horror movie lately?" he interrupted. "I've been seeing horror movies before now Drake and nothing like this has ever happened". "I think you should stop seeing them". "Drake this is no joke, he/she is out there waiting to get me!" She whisper-yelled. "No, I disagree with you. If it means me going out there to prove it to you then I will. I'll be right back" he touched her cheek and headed out to glance around the surroundings. He heave a long sigh when he found
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Almost Murdered
The next morning when Anna woke up, Drake was already gone. She felt bad she didn't get to say goodbye before he left. She sluggishly stood up and go look at herself in the mirror. The first thing that caught her eye was a piece of pink notepad fixed on her mirror. Good morning beautiful, I'm sorry I couldn't stay to kiss your strawberry lips when you're wide awake. I had to go back home and change up my clothes. I'm going to see you at school. Love, Drake. Anna giggled after reading it and she removed it and placed a kiss on it. "He's so sweet" she mumbled aloud and fixed it back to the mirror. She made her way to the bathroom humming excitedly to the song of Katy Perry Unconditionally. **The day went by quickly with Anna going to school, having lectures, seeing Drake and his friends and she resuming back to work. When she closes from work by 9pm, she texted Drake to come pick her up. She waited for his reply but
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