PEOPLE were funnily arguing with whom to babysit the son of Vale and Einille. It was his first birthday, and his godparents wanted to play with him. They named him Viel.

“Aw, my nephew is so cute!” Shari pinched Viel’s chubby cheeks. She was with Kyler, and they were officially engaged. Their love story was no joke, too. But her cousin beamed in joy now. They were getting married next month.

“Guys, let’s take a picture!” Rab caught the attention of the photographer. He was being bullied for being single, but he just laughed at it.

Einille quit her job. She chose to be a full-time mom to Viel. She helped her husband with his business. She would never bargain her happy family to the job she left behind.

“Okay, let’s have a family picture!” Vale got the attention of their official photographers. He held Viel, and he snatched a kiss from her when the camera flashed.


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