Beautiful Escape

Beautiful Escape

By:  Grecia Rei  Completed
Language: English
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Valentino is a high-ranking intelligence agent working in NICA, and there is an order from a higher command that he cannot refuse. He must romantically pursue Einille, a Police Inspector, for a very classified reason. For a drop-dead gorgeous man like Valentino, it would have been an effortless task. But Einille is in a relationship with another guy. Even so, he is confident that his mission will succeed. However, he did not expect to fall in love with Einille—that is against the protocol. It doomed him because Einille might be involved in an organized crime group and has connections with an international syndicate. Between his oath to the country and the woman she loves the most. What is the best choice?

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Worth Reading!...
2021-11-06 09:38:18
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What an amazing book! it's a short story but action packed. I love it! 🥰
2021-07-13 06:11:13
27 Chapters
Chapter 1
EINILLE concealed the amazement in her eyes while gently staring at her boyfriend—Hero. She thought how lucky she was for having him in her life. Hero was the type of man she prayed and dreamed of—a total package of his kind. He was articulate, funny, and a natural charmer, plus his lean muscular body that can protect her anytime. He appeared like an angel sweetly talking with her.Hero discussed his newly built business in line with gold mining in the province, and he looked so proud of his milestone. They were currently eating their lunch together in their favorite restaurant in Sorsogon.“Babe, you are extra pretty today,” his eyes dreamy while observing her face.Einille grinned and playfully rolled her eyes, “I know.”They were dating for almost one year. She loved him so much even though there were times that he couldn’t give her time. But she didn’t mind, because she knew that Hero was a very busy per
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Chapter 2
 VALE shook his head as he gazed at Einille walking away. She was too hard on him for these past two months.His jaw flexed, and he exhaled sharply. He firmly believed that Einille would be considerate to date him soon. He only needed to be more persistent.“Intermittent fasting, my ass,” he chuckled, “Darn! This is ridiculous.”Rab heartily laughed, “You’re timing is off. Besides, you look too smug. Take it easy, man! You know Ein is dating someone.”“I really want to regret this assignment. If only the General didn’t choose me. That girl is impossible! I never experienced wooing a woman before. You know what I mean.” He lightly scratched his clean-cut hair.Well, it was true that he had never tried pursuing women before. Usually, it was the other way around. Besides, he had no plans of being into a serious relationship. With the nature of his job, it would take a rare woman
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Chapter 3
AT the restaurant, Einille arrived thirty minutes earlier. She was feeling uneasy while waiting for Hero. And from time to time, she would look at her reflection on a small round mirror that she always brought inside her bag. She had to look perfect when her boyfriend arrived.She glanced at her gold wristwatch. It was nearly the time of their tryst. She played her phone in hand in a circular motion while thinking that Hero might encounter a minor accident on the way, the reason he took so long. She dismissed the thought of calling him because he might be driving.Einille was interrupted when a waiter came to her table, giving the menu card. Maybe he noticed she had been waiting for quite some time.“I’m waiting for someone, thank you.” She beamed at the young man, and he politely smiled back at her.She looked at her watch again. It had been an hour. But Hero told her he was on the way before. She started to worry more. What if somethin
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Chapter 4
“WHY are you home this early? I thought you had a date.” Shari greeted Einille with a perplexed look.Even Einille was dumbfounded to see her at home, too. She thought Shari had a twenty-four hour duty today.“Hero didn’t arrive.” She didn’t hide her sadness. She put her handbag to the glass center table and slumped down to the couch.Until now, her chest was still heavy in disappointment with Hero. She wanted to blame him and repeatedly cursed in his face, but she didn’t want to start a quarrel. All she wanted was peace of mind.“You mean he does not show up?” Shari gaped in disbelief. She sat near her, “This is too much, Couz. What happened?” her voice softened.She shrugged, “He said he was on in a way, but suddenly his stomach went upset.”Shari rolled her eyes, “Just wow! I’m impressed with his reasons. He’s busy all the time, and every time
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Chapter 5
“YOU’RE HERE!”Vale turned his head, and he saw Rab walking in his direction. He had a teasing smile on his face, probably because he had witnessed him and Einille earlier.“Hey!” He tapped his shoulder, “Actually, I’m about to go home. What the hell happened to Einille? She looks like a damsel in distress.”Rab’s expression softened, “I pity her, honestly. They’ve broken up. But it’s for her own good. She’ll get over it soon. Now, it’s your time to shine!”Vale chuckled, “I hope so. Let’s wait until she processed everything.”“Be there for her. At least she is safe under your watch.”“Of course!”“By the way, what happened to your sponsorship in the coming shoot fest?” Rab asked, changing the topic.“Yeah, I’ve talked to Sergeant Marquez earlier. Everything is settled. Are
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Chapter 6
EINILLE filed a five-day mandatory leave to rest her mind. She planned to go hiking in the North to ease her sadness. She had to make herself busy and regain her normal life after what happened. She couldn’t sulk forever.She readied her things for her hiking adventure. And the only thing she was not prepared for was the coming of an unwanted visitor. Valentino, her overconfident suitor, came unannounced just now!“Hi! Oh, I see that you’re ready.” He flashed out his signature teasing smile. He was comfortably sitting on the sofa. Beside him was a sixty-liters black mountaineering bag, with a folded trekking pole on the side pocket.“What are you doing here?” She gaped at him. She just came out of her room with her hiking bag.“Oops, sorry. I let him in!” Shari shouted from the kitchen. She wore her uniform and appeared ready to go out for her duty.Shari even winked at her before leaving, “I&rs
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Chapter 7
THE two have met their tour guide for today’s activity, a young man who introduced himself as Greco.“The traverse would take six hours at a normal pace, and if slow, eight hours,” Greco explained. He also gave trivia about the place, and Einille was fascinated while she listened.Vale was quiet at her back, and his eyes traveled around the mountainous area“Ein, I suggest you leave your things here. I’ll bring your tumbler and other important things. You might find it hard carrying that much on your ascent.” Vale sounded worried.Her eyes rolled upward. This man was really belittling her! Although she didn’t train lately, she was sure her knees could take the load of her hiking bag. She had been taught like this before, and she didn’t see any reason to fail.“Why don’t you leave your bag to Rudy? If you think you can’t make it, just wait for me here. I’ll be quick.”
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Chapter 8
VALE smiled when he viewed the ecstatic face of Einille when they reached the endpoint of their traverse. She enjoyed their adventure for this day because she was so lively. Her happiness was genuine, and he was glad. He hoped that it would last long. “I can’t believe it! Next on our list is Mount Pulag.” Einille started to remove her trekking shoes that full of dirt “Ma’am, I suggest you dropped by at Mount Kalugong tomorrow. It’s like a park,” Rudy suggested when he started driving. “I agree. There’s an overlooking view of the city on top,” Vale said. He noticed the wondering face of Einille. Before they reached the endpoint, she asked him if his body was sore and pushed him to drink a pain reliever medicine. He just laughed at her. The mountain was so easy to scale. It was suitable for beginners. “Have you been at Mount Kalugong?” Einille asked. He gave her a slight nod as a reply. Then Einille agreed on Rudy’s suggestion to drop by
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Chapter 9
AFTER lunchtime, they immediately traveled to Bokod, where they had to register at the Department of Natural Resources. They didn’t find any hassle since Rudy was an expert driver. They asked him to wait for them there since the van might find it hard to go through the uphill route going to Camp One. They attended a seminar since it was mandatory before the climb. After that, they handed them the medical certificates and other requirements stating they were fit to climb. Several trails were going to the summit of Mount Pulag, but Vale chose the easiest. “We’ll trek to the Ambangeg trail. Since all these trails will only lead to one summit.” Vale said, explaining the pros and cons. “I want the challenging route. Let’s try the Akiki trail.” Einille said. The trail she mentioned would take three days to reach the summit. That was her original plan only if they didn’t drop by to the park earlier. “I’d like that, too. But I’m concerned about you, don’t for
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Chapter 10
“ADVANCE!” Einille screeched. Vale lost count of how much Einille yelled that word. They never stopped walking and passed by to the hikers in front of them, which they would give way for them to go through. While the elevation went high, the oxygen runs low. They had to make a breathing technique by deeply inhaling and exhaling through their mouth Vale could see that Einille was tired, but she never complained. She held bottled water, and they only stopped for a few minutes to refill from the water source. “Let’s have a five minutes rest. You’re tired,” he said while sipping to his hydration pack. Einille hardly shook her head, “I can do this. Let’s proceed.” They continued the trek, and they finally reached Camp Two. But Einille didn’t stop. She just followed the hikers to the front. She was dedicated to seeing the sunrise, which he perfectly understood since this was her first time scaling this mountain. He had been here many times a
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