"H-hello, Your Highness."

Minerva turned her attention where the voice came from. It was a child whose age, if she guessed, was about eight years old?

"W-wow! Jeweled eyes!" She exclaimed as she gawked at her eyes with her shimmering eyes.

Minerva subconsciously touched her eyelids. Afterward, she glanced at the little girl in front of her.

She wore an unkempt clothes that looked extremely worn out. Her shoes were already too broken. Her hair was messy and looked stiff due to not showering. Overall, she looked filthy like a beggar.

How did she got in here? Minerva heard that this feast was exclusively for the knights that fought against the vicious beasts. It was located in an enclosed area and nobody could ever gatecrash unless they were invited.


Minerva looked around. The knights around them didn't seem like they noticed this

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