The Blue Jeweled Eye Archmage

The Blue Jeweled Eye Archmage

By:  aristheia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Minerva leisurely slept but when she woke up, she mysteriously possessed the body of a baby. How did it happen? As Minerva continued to live as the daughter of the famed Duke Ysmael Santi de Ivrea, she got the things that she hadn’t obtained in her previous life−family, friends, confidence, and noticeable existence. How far could Minerva go just to grasp the warmth that she finally obtained after so long?

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Dreamer Cafe
2021-12-11 21:22:36
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great start! is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-23 10:08:25
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Once upon a time, in the continent of Larin, there stood the powerful Kingdom of Sora. The kingdom was famous around the continent for its enormous colony. Aside from that, thousands of powerful mages resided in the kingdom and governed the commoners. Even the king himself, Roderick IV, was a powerful archmage.But despite the prosperity of the Kingdom of Sora, the cruelty and abuse among the commoners could never be ignored.Even way before the reign of Roderick IV, the citizens of the Kingdom of Sora suffered from the maltreatment of the mages. Men were forced to mine on the dangerous mountains, women were sold as slaves, the elderly were captured to become the offerings for the vicious beasts, and children were abducted and became the subjects for the mages' experiments.For hundreds of years, the commoners prayed to the gods to save them from the torment that they were in. Until they lost hope that they could ever
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Two thousand eight hundred years after the legend of Lorenzo resonated on the entire Larin Continent, numerous kingdoms rose and fell. Wars broke out, small kingdoms were conquered, and thousands to millions of people were killed.While the disaster happened, the nobles' lives remain unaffected. However, it was different from the commoners as they were the ones that were affected the most in the recurring crisis.With the circumstance they were in, the commoners clung to their hope that the legend of Lorenzo was true. That one day, Lorenzo would appear and save them from despair, just like what he did on the fallen Kingdom of Sora.Unfortunately, the reality was often cruel.The current king of the Moren Empire, the Larin Continent's most powerful empire, was aware of the commoners' thoughts. But he did not mind; since for him, they were just disposable pieces.King Benedict IX, the
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Minerva tried to put her hand on her face out of habit. But she recalled that the current her did not have any arm and wrist strength. So, she decided to recline her small body and stare at the wide ceiling.'Wow, even the ceiling was beautiful.' She thought as she admired the pretty butterflies that were drawn on the ceiling.'It was inclined to my taste. Not bad! Not bad!' She praised as she nodded her head. But she soon stopped as she felt dizzy.'Seriously living inside the body of a baby was troublesome!' Minerva thought in annoyance."Good morning, Little Miss!" Shirley greeted as soon as she saw her."Baa boo ah bah!" Quick, finish the book that you read yesterday! I wanted to know what happened!"Aww. Was our Little Miss hungry? Alright, alright let's wait for Elise, okay?" Shirley cooed as she rubbed her back."Woooo! Ah bah bah!" No! I wa
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"The Little Miss was alright. She just felt ecstatic. You did not need to worry anymore." The physician said after she checked Minerva numerous times to made sure that she was really alright."Then, thank you and sorry for the trouble," Shirley said to the physician. On the other hand, Elise heaved a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that their Little Miss was alright.The two of them just chatted while they glanced at the painting of Princess Lianna when suddenly, the Little Miss started to shiver as she stared into the air. Shirley and Elise, and even the knights, fell into disruption as they wondered what occurred in the sudden condition of the Little Miss.If anything bad would have happened to her, they knew the consequence they would face once His Grace found out–and that would not be a simple one for them.When Minerva snapped out from her thoughts, she found herself back inside her cha
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Minerva's eyes shone in delight as she saw the butterfly garden with her own eyes.The garden was huge and there was a variety of flowers in different colors which made the garden looked lovely and vibrant.Moreover, there were also topiaries of different colored butterflies. In the middle of the garden was a huge fountain that has a statue of butterflies that formed into a circle. Then in the center of the butterflies was a crystal sphere.The pathway was made of white stones that have tiny butterflies designed. On the left side were benches that have butterflies printed on them. Also, on the right side was a huge greenhouse.Finally, the butterflies that Minerva adored gracefully flapped their wings as they danced into the flowers.Minerva let out an awestruck sigh as she was extremely captivated by the beautiful scenery.'This… was made for me?'
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Minerva yawned. She was carried by Shirley all along but she felt tired that she wanted to sleep.Although she fell asleep in the afternoon, she still felt sleepy.The door suddenly opened and Cassie went inside. Right, it was already nighttime. Cassie would have to lull her to sleep like she always did.She yawned once again and Cassie smiled a little.Seriously, Cassie was too pretty especially when she smiled. Most of the time she would look serious and strict. She remembered that Shirley would sometimes tell Elise how she was intimidated by Cassie. Minerva hoped that Cassie would smile often as it suited her. If Shirley saw Cassie smiled, she would surely gape in shock.Before Cassie could start to sing, they heard a knock on the door. Cassie furrowed her brows. Then, Minerva became confused when she was instantly carried by Cassie in her arms.
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Lorenzo…He was the first-ever jeweled eye possessor. There were tons of legends that surrounded him. Whether it was about his life or the deeds that he had done, it had circulated the Larin Continent, as per Shirley.However, she did not expect that she could see this famed person right in front of her.In the books, they described Lorenzo as a gentle and kind man that lived in solitude. He achieved his dream to live in the mountains away from the people.A lot of people tried to find where Lorenzo resided. However, they still could not find it no matter what. Until they decided to give up as they knew that it was all for naught. After all, Lorenzo was a known powerful archmage. He might have used concealment magic for his home to prevent from being disturbed.During the war with the devils that happened every hundred years, he would always stand as the vanguard. He slaughter
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"Seriously Santi, was this how you talk to your child? You talked as if she was your subordinate!" Lorenzo rebuked him as he was baffled by his friend. "What do you know? Get lost." "Wow, so much for thanks." Minerva looked at Lorenzo and to the stone that he held. She also peeked at Cassie whose lips were pursed as if she had tried to suppress her laugh. As she observed, Lorenzo, and her so-called father which was Santi, were close enough to exchange banters. But she wouldn’t expect that they would be this close. And her ‘father’ was even a bit rude to Lorenzo. ‘Well, this was the banter between friends, I guess? This was what I read in the novels.' Still, she didn't expect that they would be this close. She was already in disbelief when Lorenzo appeared and saved them. Minerva did not expect that her 'father' would ask a favor of him.
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Minerva hugged the plushie as she stared at the ceiling in her chambers. Because of what happened last night, she decided to not go outside for today. She did not want Cassie and the others to be worried. Besides, she was also afraid of what transpired. Although she looked distracted when she heard her father last night, it still wouldn't change the fact that she almost lost her life at the hands of the king’s henchmen. Even Cassie got injured. It was a good thing that Lorenzo appeared and saved them; albeit a bit late. Right, about Cassie, she heard from Shirley that she and Julia were extremely busy as they did the "clean-up" that her father mentioned. Seriously, Shirley had the gossip that she needed. If she wanted to know something, it was better to ask Shirley as she knew a lot of things. Unfortunately, she was incapable to utter coherent words as of now as she was in the body of a child. At most, she could only blabber some nonsense and pointed things i
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Santi sat on the sofa as Minerva was on his lap. Across him was Lorenzo who leisurely sipped on the tea that Julia made. On the side was Alvin, Cassie and Julia.“So, care to share what happened?” Lorenzo asked. It was obvious that he wanted to catch the news first-hand.On the other hand, Santi took the tiger plushie on the side and gave it to his daughter before he answered.“I almost shove it on his throat.” He said nonchalantly. But deep inside, he was extremely pissed by the old man. It was a good thing that he came home and his mood lightened when he saw his Little Crybaby.The truth was, they should arrive two weeks at most. Teleportation was the easiest way for the to arrive sooner but these dumb mages that were sent by the king insisted that they did not know how to teleport. Thus, they could not accompany him on the return.Did they really think he was a saint? He left as soon as they uttered those nonsense. He was
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