Minerva's eyes shone in delight as she saw the butterfly garden with her own eyes.

The garden was huge and there was a variety of flowers in different colors which made the garden looked lovely and vibrant.

Moreover, there were also topiaries of different colored butterflies. In the middle of the garden was a huge fountain that has a statue of butterflies that formed into a circle. Then in the center of the butterflies was a crystal sphere.

The pathway was made of white stones that have tiny butterflies designed. On the left side were benches that have butterflies printed on them. Also, on the right side was a huge greenhouse.

Finally, the butterflies that Minerva adored gracefully flapped their wings as they danced into the flowers.

Minerva let out an awestruck sigh as she was extremely captivated by the beautiful scenery.

'This… was made for me?'

She was in awe, at the same time, in disbelief as she did not expect that her so-called father would make this beautiful butterfly garden just for her. And he was even confident that she would like it!

Well, she surprisingly did! This butterfly garden in front of her was beyond what she dreamt to had!

The warm feeling that she felt earlier came back but now, she felt a bit ticklish as she admired the scenery in front of her.

Sure, her so-called father was a Duke. He had the wealth to build the butterfly garden that she would certainly like. But, this exceeded her expectations!

'Well, he had the money to burn anyway.' She thought.

"Whenever I saw the butterfly garden, I could not help but sigh in awe. This was way too beautiful! And His Grace even made it for Little Miss. His Grace sure loved the Little Miss dearly." Shirley said as she was also awestruck by the beautiful scenery in front of her.

"That was expected. Look, His Grace even built a Butterfly Mansion for Little Miss. Once it was finished, the Little Miss would be moved there." Elise added.

'What?' Minerva was shocked when she heard what Elise said. Butterfly Mansion? Her so-called father built a Butterfly Mansion for her?

"Oh, before I forgot, let's took the Little Miss to the treehouse that His Grace also built!" Shirley told excitedly.

As soon as Shirley mentioned the treehouse, they moved in the right direction in which the greenhouse was located. They passed through the greenhouse and what greeted them was a huge tree with a treehouse on top. It was designed into the combination of colored pink and purple with butterflies designed. 

Minerva could not help herself but became teary-eyed as she saw the treehouse. She remembered that when she was a child, she saw her neighbor Kelly was gifted a treehouse on her seventh birthday by her father. She remembered how jealous she was as she yearned to had a treehouse. Even as she grew up, she dreamt to had a treehouse on her own.

But now… her so-called father built it for her.

The warmth and ticklish that she felt once again engulfed her chest as she saw the things that her 'father' made solely for her.

This feeling… wasn't bad at all.

However, Minerva felt strange after some thought. So far, everything that Shirley and Elise mentioned about what her so-called father made for her was in line with what she wanted. It seemed that he knew in the first place what she desired to had.

But how did he knew? She was sure that she still hadn't met her so-called father. So how did he knew what she liked?

Although Minerva pondered on this, she did not bother herself to think about it as her so-called father was the only one who could answer her. Too bad he was not here.

So where was he?

Shirley and Elise did not mention where her so-called father was, nor did Cassie and Julia. They just said that he was away. But they did not give any details on where did he went.

Oh well, even if she did not know where her so-called father went, she knew that he would surely come back.

"Bah ah boo!" Minerva blabbered as she pointed in the direction of the treehouse. She wanted to go inside and see!

"Oh, Little Miss wanted to go inside the treehouse? Well then, let's go." Elise said.

"Lady Caster and Lady Alba, if it was not presumptuous for you, can I brought some knights when you went inside the treehouse with the Little Miss? It was the instruction of His Grace that we would not leave the Little Miss' side except if she was inside her chamber." The head knight Kevin explained when he saw that Shirley and Elise were about to take the Little Miss inside the treehouse.

"That was fine, Sir Kevin." Elise agreed.

Kevin decided that he along with the other two knights would go inside the treehouse while the other knights would stay outside to guard.

When the arrangement was finished, Shirley and Elise took Minerva and they went inside the treehouse.

Minerva felt excited as she gawked at the barricades that were filled with flowers. Once they reached the veranda, she gaped as she admired the interior design.

There was a swing that was connected to a thick branch of the tree. If Minerva wasn't in the body of a child, she would surely try it!

They went inside the treehouse and she was dumbfounded as she saw what was inside.

Compared to the room she resided in and to the butterfly garden, this treehouse was more simple. However, what she dreamt of the decor inside the treehouse when she was a child was exactly what she saw right now!

A single bed, a cabinet full of toys, a dollhouse, and art materials. And on the ceiling of the treehouse was dangling stars-like light.

Strange. How did her so-called father know about the design that she liked?

She did not want to assume but this was way too suspicious to become a coincidence! He knew some of the things that she liked. He even knew about this treehouse!

Strange. This was way too strange. How did he know all of these?

Minerva tried to ponder but she could not think of possible answers. Only her so-called father could answer these questions that kept on boggling her.

"This treehouse was too simple, wasn't it?" Shirley mumbled out of the blue. Elise instantly nudged her on the elbow.

"What did you know? His Grace insisted to had this design." Elise whispered.

Minerva furrowed her brows. So she was right. This so-called father of hers was suspicious.

"Bah boo ah!" She mumbled as she pointed the outside. She wanted to get out of here! It gave her creeps!

Although she was glad that the treehouse that she wanted was built by her so-called father solely for her, it also gave her creeps as he knew a lot of things about her! How did he know all of these?

'Ugh. These gave me goosebumps!'

"Eh? Little Miss did not want here anymore?"

"Wah oh bah!"

"Let's go outside." Elise worriedly said as she was afraid that their Little Miss would throw a tantrum if they did not go outside. Cassie was particular about the Little Miss and she would not let any slight discomfort from her.

When they went outside Minerva pointed to the greenhouse. Shirley and Elise looked at each other and decided to go to the greenhouse.

Minerva wanted to go back but this was the first time that Cassie let her stroll outside so she decided to go inside the greenhouse instead. After all, she was a bit curious about what was inside.

When they went inside the greenhouse, what greeted them was the variety of flowers that surrounded them. But what caught Minerva's attention was a huge cage that was in the center of the greenhouse.

Inside the cage was not a flower but a huge branch. Moreover, there was also a large cocoon.

'Don't tell me it was a cocoon of a butterfly?' Minerva suddenly had a conjecture.

'But it was too big! Was there a species of a butterfly this big?'

"Wow. This flower was extremely beautiful. I wonder what kind of flower was this? This was the first time that I saw this one!" Shirley said while she was fixated at the center.

"I heard that His Grace specifically ordered for this one. But yes, I agree with you. The flower was indeed beautiful." Elise agreed.

Minerva was confused when she heard what both Shirley and Elise said. Flower?

They looked at the same thing but why did they mention a flower? There wasn't a flower in the cage! It was only a large branch with a large cocoon.

She tried to peek in the direction of the knights but they did not say anything nor did they looked doubtful towards the exchange of Shirley and Elise. It was as if what they saw was also a flower instead of a huge cocoon.

Minerva furrowed her brows. This was strange. Was there something in here that she did not know?

She stared at the cage in front of her. She could not see anything unusual. But why could they see a different thing from her?

Minerva tried to rub her eyes. Maybe she just had a hallucination.

However, even if Minerva rubbed her eyes countless times, what she could still see was a huge branch with a huge cocoon. How did it happen?

'Oh.' She remembered, 'I forgot this world had magic or something. Maybe this was a work of magic too? Was this a concealment or something?'

If this was concealment magic, then this cage in front of her was perhaps something of extreme importance? But why was she the exemption? Why could she saw what was inside the cage, not what Shirley and the others could see?

Her so-called father was suspicious. Just why did he hide this one? And why could she saw this?

Minerva stared at the cage in front of her eagerly. She hoped that she could see something more aside from the huge branch and huge cocoon.

Right, about this branch. How could it still look healthy and not rotten despite it being only a branch? It was just laid casually there like it was dumped.

Maybe this branch was special?

Hmm. She wondered where did it come from and what was special about this.

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