Chapter 43


I was furious that Nolan lied to me. That he kept me in the dark and made a fool of me. That he made me fall in love with him twice, not knowing he was the same. I had thought I was a confused person. I had thought I was the weird one. The one who got mated to two people who are both alphas. One gentle, and the other ruthless. I had thought I was the strange one who had fallen in love with two alpha. I had had sleepless nights wondering why I loved the ruthless alpha as well as Nolan.

I had thought something was wrong with me. I thought if I tell it out to someone, they will see me as the strange one. They will tell me I was sick and confused. But who would have believed that Nolan was the ruthless alpha?. He had no single trait I could think of that is the same as the ruthless alpha. Everything about him seems too gentle to be ruthless.

"Was he the ruthless alpha or he is just playing tricks on me?" I thought. Is there something I have been missing out on?. 

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