His Crazy Luna

His Crazy Luna

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Nolan lost his parent and was attacked by some rogues. He was saved by a group of warriors, led by a young girl in mask. He could feel the connection and is sure she was his mate. She left before he could say a word. A few years later, he became the ruthless and most feared Alpha and yet, he is the most kindest of all Alphas. How he kept both characteristics was unknown to many. Nobody knows him as the ruthless Alpha because of his mask. He was gentle in the mornings and ruthless at night. The only thing that connected him to his ruthless self is the fact that they both had no mate. What happen when fate brought him and his mate together and he got rejected by her. She doesn't love him but she is madly in love with the ruthless Alpha!!. ** I smirked. "So funny, you're my mate" She hissed. "And so?" I batted my lashes. This girl has got guts. I hid my anger already building up. I lean on her locker and she growled. I smirked. I love to see her get angry. "That makes you mine" She chuckled but suddenly stopped. She folded her hands and glared at me. "And who told you that?" "I know so. You've been chosen as my mate by the moon goddess" She laughed. "Sorry to burst your bubbles, mister. I reject you!!" I watched her walked away and I stood rooted to a spot. It's so surprising I got rejected by my mate. Male Alphas are known to reject their mates but in my case, I am the Alpha who got rejected by his mate.

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63 Chapters
NOLANI was running through the bushes. It was late in the night but I could see due to my supernatural eyes. I was been pursued by some Rogues. I was bored and decided to leave our territory to visit a friend from another pack. I was still on my way when I got attacked by some rogues. I was quick to run but they ran after me. I kept looking back to see how far I had gone. They threw an arrow towards me. I was fast to dodge it. They kept firing arrows at me until I got hit by one. I groaned in pain but kept running. I needed to escape or I'll get killed just like my parent was, some few nights ago. <Flashback>It was a few days after my eighteen birthday. We were done having dinner at the packhouse. Some of our pack members who had their own houses had gone back. And the rest of the members had retired to bed too. I was in my room, already wrapped up in my blanket, when my mom walked in. "Nolan, can you get me some herbs in the garden?"Though s
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Chapter 1
UNKNOWN I stood by the window, watching the view in front of me. That has been my tradition every morning when I wake up. I go straight to the window to watch the garden, a few meters away from my packhouse. I love the way the morning glory flowers open every morning. It's proof of a beautiful morning. A little smile escaped my lips and I quickly concealed it. As if remembering something, I turned swiftly. What's so good about this morning?. Nothing!!. Not with the news I received yesterday. I groaned and went to seat on the couch. I should place a call to Martins. I need to know the update. If we are to attack or not. I stood up and went to pick my phone. My alarm rang and I groaned. Time to get prepared for school. I rolled my eyes. Did I say school? Time to prepare for work. I brushed my hair backward. Gosh, I need to go to school and at the same time, work calls. I groaned. It's been difficult keeping up with those two. I chuckled. I talk like the
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Chapter 2
NOLANMy Beta walked into the office, giggling as usual. "Nigel, what's the news?"He chuckled and sat down right opposite me. "Nothing. Or is it a crime to visit a friend?"I rolled my eyes. "I never said it was"He relaxed on the chair. "Good""Nigel, tell me why you're here,". I'm not satisfied with his response. I know him too well. He only giggles that way, when he has a story to tell."I only came for a visit"I stared at him suspiciously. "I don't believe that, Nigel"He giggled. "You know me too well". He adjusted himself on the chair and I growled. He chuckled. "There's this new club. I was thinking we could go there this night?"I groaned. "Is that the reason you came here to disturb my peace?"He laughed. "Peace? It isn't like you're peaceful"I glared at him and he giggled. I picked up some documents on the table. "You shoul
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Chapter 3
Nigel was already foaming up when I got back to the club. "Do you want my dad looking for us, huh?"I rolled my eyes. "Chill man. I'm here already". He glared at me and I laughed. "Come on, let's go"He mumbled some words and finally take a step. I chuckled and followed him behind with Bella. The drive back to the packhouse was silent and I couldn't stop thinking about the girl I met at the club. I kinda like her vibes and she reminded me so much of someone I once knew. By the time we got to the packhouse, Declan, Nigel's father was already waiting for us. "How many times have I warned you both to stop keeping late nights?""I told ya" Nigel whispered and I chuckledHe walked towards us. "Went to the club again?. Did Nigel forced you to go this time?" He askedI laughed. Even his dad knows how much of a club freak he is. "No, no. We just went to have a little fun" I replied.
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Chapter 4
I rolled my eyes. It's Olive, the rude girl from the club. I groaned. "What the heck are you doing here?"She hissed. "I should be asking you that" she yelled.I groaned. This girl is just too aggressive for my liking. "This is my school, ok?. If there is anyone new here. It has to be you"Ella chuckled. "Come on, Olive. It's your first day here. You shouldn't be causing a scene"I rolled my eyes. So she's new here. Olive stared dangerously at me for a while. I wasn't moved by her looks. I stared back at her.  "Pray we don't cross-part again, cause if we do. I'll break you," she said. My eyes widened. Is this girl threatening me?. She walked past me, hitting me in the process. I could feel tingling. She stopped moving and stared at me. My wolf was happy and it was like it might jump out of my body soon. I rolled my eyes. She can't be my mate right?. We were both lost staring at each other and I could
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Chapter 5
THE RUTHLESS ALPHAI walked into my training ground. I needed to do a little bit of training before going on this night's mission. We will be attacking the sunrise pack today, just like we did to the moon pack some nights ago, we will be doing the same to them. The training ground is located amid a deep forest, just a few distances away from the fire pack. A few of my guards were on stand-by. They were gathered across the forest not for security reasons though, cause I can take good care of myself but just to be on alert if there should be any invaders. Two were in the training ground with me. "Martins, take your position. You're training with me"He bowed and walked closer to me. "Yes boss"I position myself to get ready for attack. He also positioned himself as the fight began. The swords aggressively clashed with each other. Despite being good with the sword, I still admire Martins' skills. He is a trained fighter. He used to work with my dad before he di
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Chapter 6
NOLANI walked into the office with Nigel trailing behind. We were supposed to have a meeting with Brian Enterprise on Monday but I had been busy with some personal stuff, so it was shifted. "You haven't told me what you had been busy with all this day," Nigel saidI ignored him and sat down. "Get the papers ready, we are leaving in ten minutes" I answered insteadHe groaned. "Nolan, you've been acting so strange these few days. What's going on?"I sighed. "Nothing is going on, ok""Nolan...""Can you get the papers ready, or do you want me to call Bella?"He frowned. "Are you threatening me?"I chuckled. "No, I only want to shut you up"He folded his hands. "That's so unfair""You say unfair?". I picked my phone. "Maybe I should call her"He dragged the phone. "Hey, I don't mean unfair. I am only..."I rolled my eyes. "Trying to make me understand. I know". He frowned. "Can we go now?""You said ten minutes"I stood up and picked the papers
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Chapter 7
I needed to redeem myself so I ran after her. "Hey!!" I yelled. She stopped and turned to face me. Everyone stared at us, awaiting my reaction, I guess. I rolled my eyes. I could read their minds. I groaned. "You said what?"She hissed. "I'm sure you ain't deaf. But in case you are, I'll make it clear to you. I Olivia reject you. What's that your name again?. Nolan"I rolled my eyes. "I do not accept the reject,""That's your problem" she yelled"You can't reject me. I should be the one to reject you, not the other way round"She hissed. "I already did". She pushed me to the side and walked past me. People were staring at us and some were taking pictures and videos. I groaned. The news will be everywhere soon. I told Nigel it was a bad idea, but he said no. Look at what he has caused me. I glared at them and they scurried away. I stomped to the class. Nigel sighted me and walked up to me. "Tell me the good news"I hissed. "Tell me you haven't heard about i
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Chapter 8
Did she just called dad?. My body was vibrating in anger, like the night my parent died flooded through my mind. It was like I could see them. I could see them closed their eyes to the cold hand of death. I shuddered with the wave of rage that swept over me. I clenched my fist, as I wait to see the next reaction from them both. I wanted to know if he was her father and she was his daughter. Nigel held my hand in an attempt to stop me from doing anything crazy. Salvador walked past her and I felt my anger subsided. "Dad? you mean dad is in school?" Olive said. She turned around. "I can't find him and I don't care!!" She yelled.I rolled my eyes. This girl is rude even to her parent?. I groaned. Hope the moon goddess has not decided to punish me by giving me Olive as a mate. Maybe it was for good she rejected me. I watched her pulled off the blue tooth from her ear and that was when I realized she had been on the call. I also noticed she was facing her car. I hissed. At
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Chapter 9
OLIVEI wondered how the news, that I rejected my mate flew across so many places. I couldn't stop getting glaring from ladies who would have wished they had him as their mate. Ella wouldn't stop complaining when she heard about it too. When school finally came to an end, I jumped in great excitement. I won't have to put up with those glares. I packed all my books on the desk and went to the locker to drop them, before heading to the car park with Ella, who wouldn't stop giving me the reason why I shouldn't have rejected him. "Olive, every girl will kill to have him as their mate. Can't you see the way, they stare at him?. Isn't he cute enough for you?". Ella kept bombarding me with questions until I got tired."You can have him for yourself, ok?!!" I yelledShe hissed. "You're just as stubborn as always. Very difficult to convince. Can't you just be flexible a bit?"I hissed. "Any more word from you, I won't consider that you're my friend, before ripping off you
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