Her Step-Sister’s Boyfriend

Addicted To You

[Once Upon A One Night Stand]


By: Authoress Kamara B. Blake


Chapter Four



"Oh I get it. You want to make babies with her". She giggles happily. "I've always want a sister". 

I stared at her gobsmacked. Babies?!!! Why did she say that? And where the hell did that come from now?!! 

"Lili". Liam's voice comes out stern this time. 

"I'm going". She clutched on to her teddy bear. "But I want a baby sister, Daddy". 

I glanced at Liam. "Is she being serious right now?". 

"You are not getting a baby sister, the only thing you are getting is a stern talking". 

I glanced at him as he talked to his naughty daughter. He actually looks relaxed, happy and pleasant while talking to her. 

She pouted. "But I want someone to play a tea party with". 

"Lilian Paige". 

"Williams Paige". She giggled calling his name as well as I laughed along. 

He sighed. "You don't want me to get angry with you now, Lili". 

"I'll be in my room". She giggles again and walks out the door with her teddy bear. 

I face Liam. "She's your daughter?". 

"Yes and she's my only gem in this world". He says softly. 

"How old is she?". 

"Seven, really inquisitive, don't you think?". 

I saw the glint of excitement in his eyes as he talked about her to me. Wow, he must really love her so much. 

"Well she is potty mouthed for her age but I think thats cute". I said truthfully. 

I heard a knock on the door. "Daddy, are you two done?". 

"Lili. To your room now". 

I breathed out a sigh of relief as I heard her footsteps walking away and I slumped back on the bed still unnerved by what had happened. 

She actually saw me in bed with her father which is bad for kids her age. I shouldn't be in bed with him still. 

"Brianna. Don't tell me you plan on going to bed again". Liam snapped me out of my thoughts as he stared at me. 

I sit up and turned to face Liam. He really looked hot in his morning look, his hair was tousled and his brown eyes lighter. 

It then took a moment for me to eventually realize the events of the previous night but we had sex in the bar. How am I here? 

"What am I doing here?". I blurted out. 


"Like in your place, i remember that we met at a bar, a club". I reminded him. 

I saw confusion pass over his face as he stared at me and then realization washed over his face as he chuckled lightly. 

"I couldn't wake you up since you were so cute in your sleep so technically, i decided to bring you back here". 

I gaped at him. "So you are saying that you brought a stranger you met at a bar to your home?". 

"You are not a stranger to me, Brianna". He smirked. "We delved into something more if you remember". 

I groaned slightly. "Please don't remind me about it". 

"Why? I say that you are pretty good in bed last night". He winks at me casually. 

Color rushed up in my cheeks immediately as I blushed from embarrassment tugging the bed sheets around me even tighter. 

I cleared my throat. "What time is it?". 

"Its actually afternoon". 

I widened my eyes. "What?!!". 

"Yeah. We were out pretty bad". 

I scrambled out of the bed. "Oh Jeez!! She must be looking everywhere for me right now". 


"Chloe, my best friend. She doesn't know where I am right now". 

"Oh. The crazy chick that wanted to send me to my grave, yeah, I remember her". 

"Don't call her that". I snapped at him.

"Come on, Brianna. Chill out, i sent her a text already". 

I paused. "You did what?". 

"I sent her a text with your phone saying that you wouldn't be back till the next day". 

"Oh". I mouthed. 

He stood up from the bed and I admired his toned chest. I mean, how does he do that with all those six packs and muscles? 

"You done drooling?". He asked with a glint of tease in his voice. 

"I wasn't, umm, i was just ... ". I stopped myself. "Where's the bathroom? I think I need a shower and also I need to go home too as well@.



Hours Later



Liam Paige

I stared at the screen of my laptop trying to focus on what I was doing but Lili keeps on knocking on the front door distracting me. 

Thats not the only thing distracting me though, i smiled to myself as I remembered how it felt like being in bed with Brianna. 

How it felt like just holding her in my arms and all that. Whoever her ex boyfriend is, he must be pretty crazy for dumping her.

How would you leave a girl like her? She's so cute and I feel drawn from her making me forget about Lauren completely. 

Besides, i'm only with Lauren just because of the company deal, thats all. But seeing Brianna at the club yesternight gave me the chills. 

I smirked as I then remembered another fact that she had actually forgotten her underwear with me. 

"Daddy, are you still angry with me?". She talked standing outside the room. 

I sighed hearing her voice again. I'm trying to work and she keeps on talking to me but then again, I love hearing my baby's voice. 

"No. Lili". 

"So can I come in already?". 

"You are free to, baby". 

I laughed as she ran inside and hopped on the bed immediately hugging me tightly. 

She pouted. "Is Williams Paige still angry with me?". 

"No, baby". I smiled broadly. "He's not". 

I tweaked her nose playfully and she began giggling making me happy with her just in my arms. 

"Daddy, when is my new mommy coming back?". 

I stared at her. "New mommy?". 

"Yes. Isn't Brianna my new mommy?". 

I paused as she mentioned Brianna who had left hours ago. She's so different from my bitchy girlfriend, Lauren. 

"No. She isn't. Baby, she's just a friend". 

"But its only Mommy and Daddy who stays together in bed, she was with you in bed". 

I ruffled her hair lightly. My gem, smart and I like that part of her so well.

"Lili. Brianna isn't your new mommy". 

"I don't believe you". She shot at me. 

I sighed. "Lets talk about another thing like your birthday coming up next month".   

"Yes!!". She squealed jumping excitedly. 

"So what does my baby, Lili want as a birthday present?". 

"I want a baby sister". 

I paused staring at her. "What?". 

"And I also want Brianna to be my new mommy". She continued making me gape surprised at her.  





I glanced up from my laptop as Brie came into the room then flopped on the bed next to me. 

"Do you care to explain where you were last night?". I asked her curious. 

She groaned in the pillow. "I had sex with a stranger, a hot one at that". 

"Wait. What? Thats why I got ditched at the club?". 

"He's so handsome". She said dreamily.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Who's the guy?". 

"Liam Paige, thats what he said his name was". 

"You mean the jerk who threw that wrapper at me?". I asked getting annoyed. 

"Get over it, Chloe. He's actually fun to hang out with and so good in bed". 

I rolled my eyes. "So apparently you left me for a guy that I hate?". 

"So good in bed". She hugged the pillow tiredly.

"Don't forget to take some pillows, i don't want any babies crawling around me". 

"Yeah, yeah, sure". 

I began typing on the laptop again. "You do know where the pills are right?". 

No response.  


I glanced at her to see she was already fast asleep dozing on the bed. I shook my head and faced the laptop, having sex with that guy must have really shaken her. 

Maybe finding out who that guy is wouldn't be so bad. At least, i wanna know who she slept with irrationally. 

I exited the application form I was filling on the laptop and went to the search engine. I typed Liam Paige and a certain information came up. 

I gasp immediately. He really is a hot shot and his relationship status certifies that he is in a relationship.

So the jerk has a girlfriend and still got the nerve to sleep with Brie. Guys this days are so fucked up in the head. 

I decided to checked out his girlfriend that he supposedly cheated on and then saw her instead. 

Lauren Hills. What the heck? His girlfriend is actually this fucking bitch. She's Brie's overbearing and sassy stepsister.  










Liam and Brie.

Lili now wants a new mommy. So Brie actually fucked her step sister's boyfriend, what do you think is gonna happen next?. 


Kamara B. Blake

Love y'all💋💋

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