"Attention!" said one of the generals "Prince Satoshi proclaims that, if you find Princess Naomi, be requested to the castle; the king wishes to see her, and if you find two young men, a man with bright red hair and a uniformed general; please report, they kidnapped the princess!" he warned. I open my eyes in surprise listening behind the door.

"But what a lie...", I am so terrified, my heart in my mouth about to faint right here. I know more than anyone that Satoshi was lying, that he was the real traitor what angers me the most is that now because of him Hiroki is in great danger, I'm not so worried about Naoki, he can go unnoticed wearing another clothes.... but Hiroki... I can't let Satoshi take away the person who has helped me.

The commanders left instantly after his request while we were locked in the mansion. I hold a hand to my chest in shock, terrified; I want to vomit from fear. Tears well up around my cheeks and

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