History novels are a kind of fictional stories created by authors under a certain historical background. In this kind of novel, plots and images of characters can be invented by authors with freedom. Although the whole stories of history novels were assumed to happen in a certain or uncertain historical period, their plots are seldom limited by its background and authors have a large space to create stories based on their imagination and experience. You will feel the things described in history novels seem to happen in the past truly , which maybe urges you to search for some historical knowledge in the period mentioned in novels.

GoodNovel offers a vast collection of popular history novels and books online. You can have a certain knowledge about certain historical periods while enjoying the fun brought by wonderful design of stories.

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An English Writer
San Lin Tun
The novel is mainly about the forgotten British poet/writer named C. J Richards who lived in Burma/Myanmar in colonial times and he believed himself as a Burmophile. He served as I.C.S (Indian Civil Servant) and when he retired from I.C.S service, he was a D.C (District Commissioner) and he left for England a year before Burma gained its independence in 1948. He came to Burma in 1920 to work in civil service after passing the hardest I.C.S examination. He wrote several books on Burma and contributed many monthly articles to Guardian Magazine published in Burma from 1953 to 1974 or 1975. Though he wrote several books which had much literary merit to both communities, Britain and Burma (Myanmar), people failed to recognize him. The story has two parts: one part is set in the contemporary Yangon (then called Rangoon) in 2016 context and a young literary enthusiast named “Lin” found out unexpectedly the forgotten writer’s poetry book and there is surely a good deal of time gap that led him into a quest to know more about the author’s life. The setting is quite different comparing to colonial Burma and independence Myanmar (Burma), early twentieth century and 2016 which is a transitional period in Myanmar. The writer’s life is fictionalized in the novel and most of the facts are taken from his personal stories and other reference books. It is a kind of historical novel with a twist and it has comparatively constructed the two different periods in Myanmar history to convince readers, locally and abroad more about history, authorship, humanity, colonialism, and transitional development in Myanmar today.
The King's Desire
Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myself on the floor, close to the door. Time passed but no one came unlocking the door and allow me to fight for our pride. "Attention..." the speaker said loudly. I quickly stood up and I could feel my heart coming out of the skin. Anything can be announced at this moment. " As the Prince of Pratapgarh killed mercilessly by our strongest army, I declare the war won by the Mahabaleshgarh and all the property belonging to Pratapgarh claimed by our empire including all Money, Royalties, children and all the ladies..." I Stood Frozen at that moment. I can't hear anything else. I tried escaping the place but suddenly the door stand banged open. I ran and in the hurry, I banged to the table and fell to the floor. I tried to stand up but They came fastly and one of them caught me by pulling my hair and made me stand. It hurt like hell. I cried, I cried loudly feeling the fear and most of all losing my everything. The person holding my hair try to press his hand against my cheeks and then one of them said " Keep her for the Prince, she is the Princess Abhishree" "yes... I agree, Don't touch her. Princess can only be the prostitute of the Prince" Another one said. ~~~ The story is set back in the sixteen century When The most powerful empire Mahableshgarh attacked the other Empire Pratapgarh and won the battle effortlessly. They would be treated as prostitutes, Raped, work as a slave and in the most dangerous condition sold or killed. THE BATTLE IS NOT ENDED YET Mature content!!!
The Slave Owner
She trembled in fear as she made her way to his room. It is tonight, the time she will fulfil her duties to her master, which is serving and pleasuring her master in bed. After all, that is why he bought her. Who is she? Imogen, a beautiful young lady who just turned eighteen. When she was eight, she got sold by her mother to a famous auction house that deals with selling girls as sex slaves to the noble. After being tried at the auction house, she got sold to one of the powerful man in the country. The popular and feared noble man in the kingdom, Lord Simon Sebastian a man of many mysteries, cold-hearted and brutal, the rumours of his brutality spreads across the kingdom most especially to his slaves. However, imogen got sold to him as his slave, at that particular moment, she knew her worst nightmare has just begun. What happens when her master falls in love with her?And his cousin who she considered a friend also confessed her feelings to her. It would only make it more worse if people finds out that the two noble men is in love with a sex slave. Now, the real question is who does her heart belong to? "I will save your friend if you give me what I want" Her master said to Imogen who was on her knees pleading. "I belong to you, Master. You don't have to ask, my body already belongs to you" "Yes, it does. But there is something I don't have yet" He stated. "What is that, Master?" She questioned with her head down. Lord Simon squatted to her level. "Your heart, I don't have that yet. And I want it, I want it to be mine, mine only"
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