Chapter 8

I looked in the mirror and all I found were dark circles that was to be expected since I hadn't slept well the night before. I took out my makeup kit and put on a lot of concealer and foundation, usually nothing I did looked good on me, but that day I achieved a decent result. All I needed was more practice.

Isaac called me early and told me that he would be late for classes, so the best thing was for me to go on my own and meet at the university. Walking down the hall I could hear my parents talking in their room, but I was too late for college so I left the house without saying goodbye to them. While waiting for a taxi on the side of the road I began to receive strange looks from some people who passed in front of me. How much did they see? What was wrong with me? I snorted and pretended nothing was wrong, but when I saw a woman with an astonished expression I realized that she was not looking at me, I followed that woman's gaze and turned to see my house for the first time

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