The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

By:  LiLhyz  Completed
Language: English
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Shantelle Scott has been in love with Evan Thompson since she was young. When Evan's father arranged for her to be his wife, she willingly agreed, despite knowing it was against Evan's will. She devoted her life to him in their two-year marriage, forgetting her aspirations. She hoped her husband would love her back. Sadly, one day, Evan coldly said, "I want a divorce! I want you out of my life, Shantelle!" Years passed, Shantelle became a famous surgeon. When her ex-husband came to see her, he asked, "Doctor Shant, I need your expertise." "What is wrong with you, Mister Thompson?" She asked. Yearning reflected in the man's eyes as he suggested, "My heart is broken, and only you can mend it." Shantelle laughed and replied, "Mister Thompson, I am a doctor. I'm not God."

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Samyella Sunny-dymunds
Why do I have to unlock chapters i already bought? What changed in the story? This isn’t fair …
2024-02-20 05:22:03
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there's now 383 chapters it wasn't that long before and it's showing up now after the son's book. so what happened?
2024-02-16 05:36:43
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Honor Ravenseeker
why it's re-lock what happend, I paid the chapter per chapter of it. WHY?
2024-02-15 23:34:25
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Eve Tadesse
I purchased all the chapter and now why re-locked all chapter again? ...
2024-02-13 02:15:25
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Veby Harsono
I also just discovered the audio has benn removed and my unlocked chapter being relocked. Please unlocked the chapters, we paid for them.
2024-02-12 23:51:01
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I just discovered that the chapters have been locked. Pls fix this I already paid for it and want to read again
2024-02-10 07:46:50
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Ashimblessed 4ever
Why are all my unlocked chapters re-locked?????
2024-02-08 14:54:49
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Debbie Tupou
Please unlock the chapters to this book for me. I paid for this a year ago and came back to read it a 2nd time, I've been locked out and paying again. please open it for me. you can see my comments all the way to the end.
2024-02-07 10:57:54
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Peggy Washington
So far it has held my interest. I can’t wait until more chapters are released
2023-11-28 13:08:17
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Caitlin Landry
awesome book
2023-11-25 04:58:37
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RC Fernandez
i love this story ...
2023-11-22 16:31:20
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Check out book 2, Lucas' story. Gone Too Long, The CEO Becomes A Word-Class Doting Husband.
2023-11-17 17:52:03
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Xola Ndabeni
I read the book twice & still cannot get over it. Excellent read, thank you.
2023-11-17 05:31:42
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2023-11-16 19:10:25
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Maria Theresa Ong
My first book! love the story ...
2023-11-05 08:49:53
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382 Chapters
Chapter 0001
"I want a divorce! I am now the CEO of the Thompson Group of Companies- the master of the Thompsons. My father can no longer control me. I am done with your selfishness!" Evan Thompson, her husband, towered over her as he yelled. "I thought I knew you. I thought you would change, but I was wrong to
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Chapter 0002
Selfish? Yes, that was true. It was because she loved Evan so much. Insecure? How could she not be? Knowing that Nicole Lively was at arm's length, Shantelle's insecurity grew. Shantelle and Evan had a relatively tranquil marriage for more than a year. It wasn't fruitful or romantic - the dream
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Chapter 0003
Dark circles formed around her eyes as Shantelle packed her bags at five in the morning. She kept returning to the closet and deciding on what to bring. Evan bought her a few dresses. Even if they were in a loveless marriage, somehow, he had thought about her. "I think it's better not to bring any
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Chapter 0004
For an hour, Evan drove around town aimlessly, thinking about the divorce. Thanks to his so-called friends, he was second-guessing his decision. It was past midnight when he still had no specific direction where to go. He thought about going to a hotel or his office, but suddenly, he remembered o
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Chapter 0005
"Sweetheart, if he can't appreciate you, then he doesn't deserve you," Doctor William Scott said. "I'm glad you have come to that decision." William and Eleanor Scott embraced their weeping daughter inside the Scotts family mansion. "I loved him, dad, mom. How I wish it did not have to end this w
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Chapter 0006
"Good morning, Evan. I love you." Evan smiled in his dream, hearing Shantelle repeat those words. She never got tired of expressing how she felt. In his dream, he did not respond, but he sensed the warmth in his heart. Suddenly, he heard his phone buzz. It was his wake-up call. "Shanty, can you
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Chapter 0007
"Shanty! Are you excited about your going away party!" Karise said with glee. Her short black hair bounced as she jumped at the idea. Shantelle had just arrived at her best friend's home. She had called her days before, informing her that her family was leaving Rose Hills permanently. They cried o
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Chapter 0008
Evan could not believe his eyes. Shantelle had always been conservative. Evan liked to think of it that she preserved herself for him. He was her first, and oddly, he had never been intimate with anyone, other than his now ex-wife. Shantelle was never the kind to go out in a club, nor did she enjo
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Chapter 0009
Evan managed to flee from Shantell's friends. Unfortunately, his beloved sports car did not escape Shantelle's vomit. "Urggh. This is awful!" Shantelle said in disgust after throwing up on the side of Evan's car. Her dress got partly stained, and she absolutely reeked of alcohol. "I'm never going
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Chapter 0010
When morning came, Evan woke up to find Shantelle dressed in one of her clothes. She had not brought home all of her dresses. Those that he had given her in the past remained in their closet. For a second, he studied her slender frame. He admitted she had a beautiful body. "Do you want me to hav
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