Chapter: 25(wearing saree)


      He woke up with continuous alarm rings. Grabbing his phone from the side table in the living room he saw the time, it was showing six in the morning. 

      He sat up and sighed in relief while pressing his fingers on his forehead as no one saw him sleeping in the living room on the first night of their wedding. He stood up yawning like a baby and walked towards his room stretching his body. 

      Last night he slept in the living room because Seher collapsed on the balcony so he let her sleep in his bed peacefully just for one night because he had another plan for torturing her. 

       With a smirk, he opened the door and stepped inside only to find the beauty was sleeping in his bed snuggling more into his favorite pillow with pouty lips. Sunlight was falling on her face making it glow more. 


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