Chapter 14. Dion!

Thea took a delightful and relaxing shower after sweating all night from the fever. Her body felt sticky and she didn't like it. However, there was something she was still lacking, at that was her clothes.

The shameless man left her a change but they were his clothes. A big t-shirt, and some lousy pants that won't fit her slim waist.

"Does he has some fetish or something?"

She lifted the shirt and smelled it. "It smells like him..."

Then she put it on. It felt strange, without any underwear, she was feeling a bit ashamed to use his clothes.

"Sigh... what should I do?"

She put on the pants and jumped in the bed, after eating that succulent breakfast and washing the dishes, she didn't have many things to do. Her computer was on the stupid studio with a lock too strong to break it without her tools. Even her phone was inside. She was totally disarmed.


The phone on the side suddenly rang. "How... did he connect it again?"

She answe
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