His Beautiful Fascination

His Beautiful Fascination

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She didn't know, but her eyes captured his attention from the beginning. She didn't know, but her sweet smile almost made him stop breathing. She didn't know that she had been his fascination from the first moment he saw her. She didn't know and left him in despair. Thea Lark, a hard-working girl looking to retrieve everything that was stolen from her. She was prepared for a long battle alone, but... unexpectedly the one that she didn't think would help her, became her most powerful strength. "From when did you like me?" Thea asked the handsome man resting on her lap. "I don't know," he dared to say making her frown, "but..." he smirked, "I do know that you kept making me jealous when that bastard James Riot gave you that flower." "Wait, but that was when we first met, we were seven years old." "I know." DISCLAIMER: The cover is not mine, the credits go to the rightful original artist. Please contact me if you wish for me to take it down.

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Maame Monda
Very good 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 can you please update it
2021-07-22 17:33:56
24 Chapters
Chapter 1. Farce
"Today will be the last time I see him, today everything will end."Thea Lark fixed her eyes at the tall building in the main street. Many people in office suits were walking out the glass door, and some others were entering with their professional attires and conceited looks. All of them seemed proud to be part of that company, and to be his employees, the great Dion Hesse employees."This is the last time," she whispered as she saw the entrance and the big name of Empire Corp right outside the main glass door.A few months ago, she would be scared and hesitant to come and see that man. Now only a firm and resolute expression with nothing else to lose was reflected in her beautiful blue eyes.This time she had come to end everything. She didn't care a damn about what that man would think of her and her family. Thea hadn't come to give a face to anyone anymore. Not even that man. She had enough.She walked with steady steps, a straight back, and with her simple and no
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Chapter 2. Eager
"Divorce papers. I already have the approval from the elders.""You!""What about it, husband? Just sign it and this farce will end. As you can see, I won't get anything else from your wealth, only what you promised in the beginning. The contract is there too."There was nothing in her voice and eyes but coldness and indifference. She had let go of her fear, even to the fury brewing in his eyes. She was already used to it. After all, from the beginning of their marriage, one year ago, he never cared to hide how much she despised her. However, she tried to make it work, even for a little. She wanted to become friends with him, or at least treat each other with some respect and decency. It never worked. Now she was tired.He kept looking at the document on the desk. Then he raised his head with a cold smirk written on his mouth. "So, this was your plan from the beginning. Scam money from me and my family and then disappear."She fought her urge to roll her eyes at t
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Chapter 3. Out of Control
Thea looked at the two women with a smirk on her face. Then she pushed the stunned man to the side and took her clothes to dress quickly. It didn't take many minutes to put on her white top and adjust her hoodie. However, the man wasn't making it easy for her to move around. His hot body was still in front of her. His breath was even moving quickly as if he was suppressing something. The two women looked at her dressing as if nothing had happened. The ire in their eyes were about to burn her skin, but they controlled themselves."You continue," Thea gave them a mocking smile as she passed by their side. Then, after she took her bag from the entrance, she went outside quickly.The man watched her with big eyes, he couldn't understand what just had happened. There was no time in his memory that he lost so much control over his instincts. However, the moment she stood before him with those indifferent and cruel eyes showing that she didn't want him, he forgot his composur
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Chapter 4. Revenge
"Where is she?""Master, she is here in the mansion. She is loading her things on her car."It was the voice of Mrs. Lin, the housekeeper of the mansion he had never visited once for the whole year he was married. Even if his grandpa had threatened to hit him and to scold him every day, Dion never took a step into that house. However, that didn't mean that he didn't try before. His heart always followed unconsciously the road towards that mansion when he was tired and distracted. It was the place she lived, the woman that had been in his mind for so many years. She was there, inside the house for the two of them. But she was not meant for him. He knew it... and he hated her for that.He decided to stay in his luxurious apartment near the office, and he considered it his temporary house. "Don't let her move away.""But… Young Master, I can't do that."The middle-aged woman was the only employee in the big mansion. She and Thea were the only ones living there. T
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Chapter 5. Want you
The man took his time entering the room. It was slow, as if he was a predator looking at his little and delicious prey. Then he smirked at her cute but angry eyes and puffed cheeks."Get out," his voice was deep and commanding. It sent a shiver to Thea's back. The bodyguard bowed in a respectful manner and went out. However, before he could close the door, Dion spoke again."Don't let anyone disturb us. No one is allowed to enter.""Yes, sir," the bodyguard went out after closing the door. Then silence. Thea looked at Dion with anger, but somehow, inside her, a strange hope was growing. She gulped. Then she saw his smirk. "What do you want?! Let me out right now!""No," his calm voice followed him as he made his way to the minibar. His movements were slow and careful as he chose a bottle of wine. Red wine. "This will be good for today... our wedding anniversary, don't you think?""What?! Are you crazy? Let me go!""I said no," he smirked while uncapping
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Chapter 6. Wedding Night
He kissed her so much that it was hard to breathe. He had always wanted her, only she, for years, but she never noticed. Not only that, but he had always thought she ignored him on purpose.He moved down to her breasts and lower taking off her panties and digging his mouth inside making her scream in delight. She didn't fight him."No… stop…. Ahh!" He didn't stop as her moans lured him to continue even more. Then he stood up while looking at her mouth panting breathless, her black, soft hair was sprawled on the white couch and some drops of sweat were covering her forehead. He waited for her to calm a bit until their eyes were fixed on each other. There was a question hidden in his eyes, maybe more than a question, but a plea. She nodded and let him continue. It was not only him who felt as if the desire they had accumulated in their hearts was overflowing. There was only an explosion waiting to erupt and set them free. "Dion..." she w
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Chapter 7. Mistake
Thea looked at the man that had a shocked face. The voice of Rose woke her up from her little romantic fantasy. 'What was I thinking? This man is not mine. He already has his Rose.'"I can't do this anymore," she looked at him with a pale and sad expression. "This is a mistake, Dion, please let me go.""Why?"He looked at her with pained eyes, the redness of his eyes and the hardened jaw was making an effort to not explode at her.Just a few seconds ago she was eager to be his, she even took her clothes for him and consented to give her all to him. Why is she doing this now? They would have become a couple like any other. They will live together, and they will start over, just a bit more if she was willing to give her heart to him and forget her greediness.However, her expression and words made all those fantasies shatter like little pieces of glass. "Answer me!"She looked at him with a pained expression, "because we don't love each other. I don't lov
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Chapter 8. Greed
"Where is that damn boy?!"The inside of the Hesse Side Mansion was in total chaos. The Old Madam had tried to reach her grandson for a while, but Dion never answered nor let anyone disturb him for the whole night.When she went to his apartment building, she was en denied entry, and her calls were disconnected each time. The worst was when her ex-husband didn't help her at all. He kept negating any knowledge of some divorce between Thea and Dion. However, she knew very well that the elders had given their approval, and she wanted to use this time to make Rose the next Mrs. Hesse."Don't worry, Grandma, I believe he had something important going on. This can wait for a little, after all, he is already…"The young woman by her side was trying to calm her and pose as a gentle lady with her sweet words and kind manners, but the sight of this morning was worrying her, and it was easily shown in her frown. 'What if he is looking for that woman? No&h
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Chapter 9. Absentminded
Thea woke up feeling tired. The night before was plagued with a heavy headache, and she didn't get to rest well. Her eyes felt swollen and even her throat was not in a good state. She woke up to her body hurting, and her skin burning. She wanted to take a refreshing shower and cool her body down but she was all weak. "I need to get out of here," she whispered. However, she knew it won't be easy. Dion must have posted guards everywhere, even more, she didn't have a way to call for help, or crack the security password of the entrance. Another headache rose to her mind. Still, she mustered all of her energy in her legs to walk to the shower, at least she will wash away the sweat and the feeling of his mouth and tongue. Somehow, she still felt his fingers navigating her skin and she didn't know why, but she didn't hate the feeling. His eyes at that time... they were focused on her and his desire was evident."I should stop thinking of it."For many minutes, she tri
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Chapter 10. Sorry
"Dion!"The old woman with blue bright eyes similar to his shouted with a displeased tone."You unfilial brat!""What is your business with me, grandma?""The divorce...""Whose divorce?""Don't try to confuse me, you know what I am talking about. You and that woman had already divorced, the elders had given their approval, and Rose...""I am not divorced.""What?""I didn't get any divorce, grandma," he turned to see the two women that were so shocked that they couldn't say a word, "and I won't."The sound of the elevator interrupted their dazed state, however, before they could do anything, Dion had already left."No," Rose started, "Grandma, he... she must have done something. She must have schemed to make him stay with her. Yesterday, they were..."The old woman knew what Rose was trying to say. That woman must have used shameless ways to have him under control."Don't worry, girl," she narrowed her eyes, "she won't last long. I will make s
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