Chapter 20

My sister gaped at me with her eyes wide open as I finished explaining to her what Juno’s role would be to my current dilemma. She nearly threw the flower vase perching on top of our dining table to my face when I told her that Juno was clueless when she signed the contract.

“You manipulative son of a bitch!” She half-screamed, throwing the table napkin on my face. I chuckled on my seat as I dodged the new batch of napkins coming my way.

“Hey! Careful with your words, Venus. You’re deliberately calling our a mother a bitch.” I laughingly screamed back at her which thankfully halted her physical aggressiveness. She shot me a glare.

“Don’t bring Gaia in this conversation!”

I doubled over in laughter. “You’re lucky, Dad isn’t here.”

Venus sighed, trying to collect herself together. “Aren’t you worried you might scare her away again? Like the last ti

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