STBS: the end


"You know you can fool anyone here but not me, Sirius." Johnny blurt out of nowhere. We were in my room and he's helping me to pack up my luggage since tomorrow is my flight to Munich with Astra.

My forehead creased at his vague accusation. "What do you mean?"

He chuckled maliciously before zipping up my travel bag. "You like Astra."

I froze for a moment before arching a brow at him. "I do, yes. You won't catch me hanging out with someone I don't like. Duh?"

"Hmm... I meant romantically, idiot! You like her more than you're supposed to like her!"

I shook my head and headed towards the door, trying to escape his bullshit. "You're imagining things in your head now, huh? Can't a closeted gay man be friends with a dumb annoying woman anymore?"

"Oh, please!" He tailed behind me, laughing manically. "We both know— oh, wait! Maybe you don't! Oh, poor thing! Maybe you have yet to confront your own feelings. You're in the confused and in-denial stage just yet!"

"You sound ridiculous.
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