Chapter 153

Third Person’s point of view

The living was already out of lights when Juno arrived home. The only light eliminating the ground floor of her house was the tiny bulbs perching on the hallways. Her lip’s pursed as she struggled to carry the fancy paper bags in her hand.

Her eyes then darted on the long stair case she’d have to climb up to get in her bedroom. She rolled her eyes and sighed in tiredness. Maybe she’d just leave them on the couch and get them back in the morning.

Juno bent down and removed the killer heels she was wearing. She then sulk on the couch to massage her aching feet. A pleasured groan escaped her lips as her feet were finally freed from the goddamn pumps that tortured her the whole day.

Finally! She thought to herself.

Next time, she’ll remember not to wear such shoes if she’ll be hanging out with Venus. Or will there ever be a next time since today’s events somehow served as a warning to her.

“It’s eight in the evening. Where have you been?”

Juno nearly ju
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