STBS: chap 6


"Y-you..." I gulped, taking a step back until my back hit the double doors. "What... what do you want from me? Where d-did you even got my number in the first place?"

The man took off his hat and I noticed the few grey hairs on his head. He's a grown ass old man!

"I've been a fan for so long, Miss Astra." He said, now smiling calmly at me. "I do enjoy watching your works and buying your magazines. I hope you'd allow a few pictures with me?"

He looked calm and genuine, as if knowing my current location and following me up here in the rooftop isn't a bothering behavior at all. And texting me?! I blinked multiple times and swallowed, trying not to panic even more.

Fine. Maybe he's really just a dedicated fan who wants my picture and autograph. But will he leave me alone once I give those things to him?

"Uh... s-sure. Let's hurry up 'cause I have to go b-back downstairs for our rehearsals," I croaked out.

The calmness in his face slowly vanished, replacing it with a dark expressio
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