STBS: chap 40

ASTRA (flashback part 1)

I crossed my legs together as I remained sitting stiffly on my armchair, silently observing my classmates who are all excited for tomorrow's school activity: Art and Science Fair.

And then I looked at the Prada bag perched up on the other chair just beside me. Of course it's mine. And then there's another empty chair just beside it.

Nobody actually sits in this row aside from me. I love it here, actually. Away from the big board and the teacher. Nobody's speaking to me as I initially don't get along well with anyone.

It's currently homeroom and we're told to use this time to finalize our class presentation for tomorrow.

I didn't really understand what they were trying to create so I didn't bother participating anymore. And even if I try to give my own ideas, they wouldn't let me.

So instead of wasting my time talking to them, I just contributed some money, twice the amount they're collecting per student, so they wouldn't complain about me not sharing my id
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