CHAPTER 49 - They Became One


The wedding between Lumaro and Leslie was so simple. It was a civil wedding attended by close relatives and friends. They held the reception at Triple K Hotel’s restaurant.

“Congratulations Leslie, and Lumaro,” Grazziena said as she and Governor Draeko approached the newlyweds. They just arrived at the reception area from the judge's sala, where the civil wedding of Leslie and Lumaro has been held.

“Thank you to both of you, Grazziena and Governor Draeko,” Leslie replied while wiping her tears. She could not still believe that Lumaro and she are now husband and wife.

Lumaro looked tenderly at his new wife and caress her back, “Shh, I am here already. Why are you still crying?” he said jokingly and the four of them laughed upon hearing such teasing of Lumaro to Leslie.

Grazziena and Governor Draeko were seated on the table specially reserved for them by the newly-wed couple.

“Sweetheart, can we follow now in your friend’s footsteps? Y

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