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Grazziena, a beautiful eighteen-year-old lad, struts her catwalk on the ramp. It is already ten o’clock in the evening, yet the Beauty Contest is just in its mid-way. She is afraid and she is getting nervous. She will shift into her cursed wolf form when midnight falls. She was cursed by Thutaara, the powerful witch of Mt. Reveree. Her only cure can be found in the last words whispered by her Luna Mother before she took her last breath. Finding the cure is however incomprehensible. Until she met Governor Draeko, who swept her off her feet. But then her life was swamped with doubts and confusion when Lumaro, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Cold Mountain Pack, suddenly appeared claiming her as his mate. Between the Young Governor Draeko and the soon-to-be Alpha Lumaro of the Cold Mountain Pack, who is her true mate and her cure?

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ramla selemani
the storyline is so wonderful... it's not that long and boring, just simple but kinda refreshing I like it very much............
2022-03-25 02:08:01
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The night came and the grand beauty pageant in search for Ms. Albaya 2020 started. It was past eight o’clock in the evening. Grazziena and all other contestants dreaming for the crown were all set for their production number outfits. They were all wearing white shirts with print thereon of the Ms. Albaya beauty Pageant’s logo and design, paired with black shorts showing all their legs. They top it all with white or black sneakers. Grazziena danced gracefully and with poise. She made it a point to stand out from the rest at this early stage of the competition. She was anyway, the tallest and with the fairest skin among all the contestants. From the lines of the Board of Judges, seated in front of the stage; a one particular, young and gorgeous man, was all eyes to Grazziena.  He never left his eyes from contestant number 8. He seemed to be mesmerized and drawn into the tallest beauty among the contestants, who strutted her long and fair skin l
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CHAPTER 1 - The Curse
I Eighteen Years ago … At the heart of Mount Reveree; Cressia, the Cold Mountain Pack’s Luna, cried in despair. Her Alpha has been dead and no one from among their pack could bring him back to life. Not even their pack Doctor. His life has been taken by Thutaara, the most feared witch of Mount Reveree. As she cried more, an excruciating pain crept through her bulging tummy; she shouted in pain, and a few minutes more, the daughter of the Cold Mountain Pack’s Alpha and Luna has been born! As Luna Cressia lay down beside the body of her dead husband Alpha, her newborn daughter cried out loud. The Luna smiled with tears in her eyes as she tried to reach for her newborn daughter and embrace her into her bosom. She let her felt the warmth of her motherly embrace that would protect her from harm in the future, despite her absence. With a shaking hand, she caressed her head and hum softly a chant that would envelop her soul and link her into her own sou
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CHAPTER 2 – Those Deep-Seated Black Eyes
I   Grazziena went home with excitement rushing all through her veins. She was bubbling with merriment as she exploded the great news to her parents, who like her, have been filled with happiness and excitement too.   Grazziena prepared herself for the upcoming contest. Nothing would stop her from achieving the very thing that will help her realize her dreams to finish college.   She continued watching beauty queens as they paved their way to get their crowns. And then something hit her; willpower! That was what these beauty queens have aside from determination. They have this willpower to really win.   “Ga, look; I finished your gown already. I made it out of abaca fiber.” Grazziena’s mother said while showing to her a blue princess flowing gown style out of abaca fibers. Her eyes grew in awe as she looks at the gown. Her mother was able to make it so elegant; no one can tell that i
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CHAPTER 3 – Grace and Beauty
I It’s almost ten o’clock in the evening yet the Contest for Ms. Albaya 2021 is only on its midway. Grazziena knows very well what will happen to her when midnight time will tick on the clock. Grazziena is getting nervous but she tried to make it a point to never lose her poise and grace every time she ramps on the stage. She wanted to take the spotlight and to stand out among the rest of the candidates; never knowing that she already did, especially in the eyes of the Chairman of the Board of Judges. She already enthralled him with her grace and beauty at the onset of the pageant. It’s ten-thirty in the evening and they are in their last attire; the long gown creative attire.   Grazziena carried with ease and grace the blue princess cut style, free-flowing long gown out of abaca fibers, which was specially made by her mother for her.
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CHAPTER 4- The Crown and the Escape
I   “And our Ms. Albaya 2020 is … Contestant number 8!” the crowd screamed with glory and Mel jumped to his feet, clapping and shouting. Grazziena looked at her wristwatch; it is eight minutes before midnight. Fears wobbled in every purse of her skin. She needs to escape now.  When the young and gorgeous Chairman of the Board of Judges came near her, his lips were almost touching her right ear as he whispered, “In due time, you will be mine.” However, Grazziena did not notice his words anymore. She was already uneasy and thinking about how to escape. As soon as her crown has been put by him on her head, Grazziena acted as if her stomach was aching. “Excuse me, I can’t take it anymore, I need to go to the comfort room.” Then she turned her back, got her crown from her head, and ran.  Grazziena motioned to Mel to get her prizes and without any word, to the shock of the spectators and judges, she ran going
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CHAPTER 5 – Mate?
I “Miss Albaya, would you not want to climb up?” The gorgeous man with those deep-seated eyes asked Grazziena with his expression dancing with amusement. “Err, I’m sorry.” Grazziena almost stumbled as she tried now to climb up the float where the grinning god of masculinity is standing. Grazziena could not remove her eyes from the man.  Something inside Grazziena keeps on whispering and wobbling. The man’s scent of a cool breeze soothed into her nostrils, making her mind went wild. Then she heard an excited whisper that lingered into her heart. “MATE.” Grazziena felt incredibly confused about what she is feeling and hearing. She has read some paranormal stories about werewolves written by good foreign authors and she could not imagine that such fictional stories would happen to her. She can understand the word &
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CHAPTER 6 – Secret  
I  Grazziena has been frozen. She felt herself quivered as the governor’s scent filled her lungs. Something within her gallops and jumped as if triggered by such a smell. She was drawn into his eyes and his inviting lips made her quivered more.  “Sister Teresa, I repeat stopped looking at me like that or else, I will devour your lips right here, right now.” Governor Draeko whispered once more, his hand reached for Grazziena’s hand.  As if awakened from her deep sleep, Grazziena back off. She made two steps backward away from the seducing gaze of the young Governor.  “I am not Sister Teresa.” All she could murmur. Governor Draeko made a chuckle. “The reincarnation of Sister Teresa then,” he said teasing the newly crowned beauty Queen.  Grazzien
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CHAPTER 7 – The Sacrifice That Ended The Wrath
I In a village situated at the heart of Mt. Reveree; Lumaro the son of the Alpha of the Cold Mountain Pack will soon celebrate his twentieth birthday. He will be the next Alpha and his father’s challenge for him is to find his mate, soon to be the Luna of their pack. Once he found her; only then that he can replace his father as the new Alpha of the Cold Mountain Pack. “What else could I do father? I have visited every other pack’s full moon parties to find my mate but I failed. I cannot feel any connection with those numbers of the unmated she-wolves that I have met. Could it be that my mate is still yet to be borne?” Lumaro asked his Alpha father with so much frustration. Suddenly, Alpha Maro remembered something. Didn’t he and his best friend Gregor make a pack and a prayer to the moon goddess that should, the Luna will give birth to a daughter, they wished her to be the mate of his son Lumaro, who was just one year old at that time? Alpha Maro has
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CHAPTER 8 – His Possible Mate
  I Lumaro tried to look further for his mate. He traveled in nearby pack villages, even in the rouge pack but he could feel the sign of his mate; he could not even smell her. After almost one month of traveling to different places looking for his mate, Lumaro went home feeling like a failure. He was not able to find his mate yet. “My son, I need to tell you something; I guess this is the most opportune time to let you know this thing.” It was Lumaro’s Alpha father who has spoken when he saw Lumaro arrived with a depressed expression. Lumaro suddenly looked at his father, with eyes on their inquisitive form. “What is it Father?” he asked curiously. “It is about your possible mate.” Lumaro’s Father replied as he sat on the wooden, well-sculptured chair in their living area. “I am excited to listen now my Alpha Father.” Lumaro also sat on the wooden chair in front of his Father, readying himself to listen. “Your possible mat
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CHAPTER 9 – His Jealousy  
I Grazziena received a bouquet of red roses early in the morning. It has been delivered by a known flower delivery shop from the city. Surprised, Grazziena looked at the words written on the attached card. The note written in the attached card said, “To the woman who is giving me beautiful mornings just by thinking about her. . . See you this afternoon at our hotel Ms. Grazziena… Waiting with love, Jervin Ty.” Grazziena became uneasy. In a recent F******k live interview with a reporter from a local branch of a known TV Station, Jervin Ty vocally admitted that it was him who insisted to his father to invite the reigning Ms. Albaya 2020 to grace the opening of Ty’s second-biggest hotel in the province. When asked by the local reporter why he insisted so, Jervin Ty smiled warmly and pointed his finger on his heart part then softly said, “She hit me here.” The reporter’s eyes grew big and giggled as she looked at the camera, winked, and bade goodbye.
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