Embrace my night: Chapter 6

Peter and the man who stayed mask enter the house. The gun concealed within the folds of his clothes. Going towards the study, both were halted.

“What are you doing here?” Leo eyes them curiously where he stands just in the door both dogs at his side.

“I need some money from the safe. This isn’t your business though. Step aside.” Peter look at him with a sharpness they shared when doing delicate business. It was a warning.

Peter step into the study, his captor for the moment shortly on his heels. Going directly to the safe behind the painting of his mother, he unlocked it.

“Don’t move,” come the command from behind him.

He turns facing the man and the pointed gun.

“Step aside. I know you rich men. You always have firepower within the safe. Whatever is in there I’ll take. Move away but stay within my sight.”

Peter move to the corner standing beside a cabinet watching the man rummage through the contents. His hands slip down the side of the cabinet reaching for the gun. He swiftly pointed it and shot the man in the neck with the tranquilizing dart.

“Bastard,” he curse but the fire was already spreading through his veins.

Peter moved towards him but the lethal gun was still pointed.

“Don’t move!” he hisses trying to move towards the door.

Peter follows keeping some cover between them. The man is unpredictable.

“Pete!” TheoFista step around the open doorframe but the dog made her stumbled over her feet. Her flying hands try to grab hold onto the nearest solid object happening to be the man and his pointed gun. All she managed to grab hold onto is part of his coat but it was no use stopping her tumbling to the floor. Flying legs entangled him. He was losing his balance falling all over her. The gun slides across the polish tile floor.

Peter reacts trying to get the gun. His father has the same intent. Both men collided with their heads against each other. The bumps were hard enough to stagger both of them.

The owner was already scrambling back onto his feet also going for his own gun. He grabbed hold of it and bolted for the door. The dizziness from the injected dart made his co-ordination out of whacked. He walked into the door. The gun slipped from his grip again.

“I’ll get it,” says TheoFista

The man sees the woman and the dog coming towards him. He thought it best to seriously bolt from the house.

The pistol lay in the middle of the table. The William family sit there looking at it.

“What is going on, Pete?”

His body is boiling with suppress anger.

“You’re busy body streak will get you into serious trouble one day, TheoFista, “says Peter angrily getting onto his feet.

“Daddy who were that man with the gun,”

“I don’t know. Let your brother deal with this. It’s his business. Did you think about my proposal, Peter?”

Peter found his thoughts dark and brooding. His emotions are ripping something apart because the rawness of losing Sammy is eating at him. The man pointed a gun making him a liar in his mind. Furthermore, the words quoted from his letter by that voice so familiar could also be a lie. At the same time thinking along those lines, nevertheless made the sense of rejection and betrayal grow within him.

What was truth? What was lie?

“Peter, did you hear me?” Leo watches him carefully. His boy is about to be reckless.

“Leave the woman alone, father.” He snaps.

“It would give you another perspective. Go to the Namaqua, clear your head then deal full force with this threat that won’t get the message. At the moment you are too blind with anger. Just check my wife out and the business opportunity to see if it’s worthwhile, it’s just for a couple of days.”

Peter turn to pick up the pistol putting it into his pocket. He leaves the house unaware of his father and sister sharing a knowing pleased expression.

Peter return from the police station giving a statement about the pistol. Standing on the balcony watching the nightlife, he feels bruised in so many ways. His hands reach into his pocket removing the diary. He just looked at it. He might get some of the answers he was looking for in there but it doesn’t set right with him invading her most private thoughts.

Turning back into the suite, the diary going back into his pocket, he leaves the hotel. The night is chilly but bustling with activities. Just wandering aimlessly he comes directly onto a small antic shop. There is nothing memorable about the place but it was pulling him like a magnet. It is after hours but he just has to find the entrance. It was like a driving need.

The owner who has his living quarters upstairs notices him through the window. The long ago spoken words just popped into his mind.

“He will come out of darkness on a cold night. His heart would be breaking but his eyes would be filled with revenge. Give this token to him and tell him the path to our entwined hearts would find the way again. We are blinded but not lost. It is kismet,” the man said these words to Peter as he handed him the arm bracelet. It was a simple delicate plate made out of silver.

“Are you sure this is meant for me?” he look into the old weathered face filled with kindness and understanding.

“The first time I saw her, she was young but her description was so clear, I would never forget. I am the only one who sells her handiwork. It was all meant for travellers searching for their heart. She believes in kismet. Read the message. They are all individual.”

Peter removes the top of the container, taking hold of the bracelet. He turns the inside out before his body shook with shock.

“Is this meant for you, sir?”

“I met and married her. A couple of days ago I blinked and she vanished. I learnt about lies but I am not certain they are the truth about her. These words written here, she spoke them to me.”

“Would you mind telling me?”

“My love, against all logic or reason I knew your face long before I knew your name.” He says softly.

“Sir, this was meant for you. I hope you find her. She is such a delicate butterfly.”

“How do I find her? I am searching but I am lost.”

“She is a Namaqua flower.” says the old man.

Peter removes the rest of the content from his pocket placing them on the table for a moment wanting to put everything within the confines of the container.

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