Embrace my night

Embrace my night

By:  Charmaine Cloete  Completed
Language: English
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Embrace my night: The romance/crime story of Sammy Hoffman and her husband , Peter William, who married but separate due to unspoken circumstances because Sammy never spoke about her past and when it comes knocking, her world is turned upside down, making her run into her shadowed stalker, the one who caused an accident leaving her with amnesia. Embracing the night, two lovers' searched for the missing part of their separated hearts...

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Charmaine Cloete
Husband and wife destined to be together but sometimes fate decide to test their strength and the faithful love they shared. Both embraced their separate nights in search of one another.
2021-07-01 21:30:45
28 Chapters
Embrace my night: Chapter 1
Sammy wakes languish with the early morning sun caressing her naked body. A smile plays seductively around her kissed bruised lips. Her body still aches with the sensual pleasures she has experience all night long. Her sleepy eyes searches the bedroom when it is clear to her that her lover has left their bed. Her smouldering brown eyes found him standing in front of the window. His tall muscular body cover in only a towel that he has wrap around his waist.“Morning,” she purrs in a very sensual voice that she hardly recognises as her own. For a moment cast in silhouettes she watches him turn around to face her. He moves towards the bed, climbing back on laying down beside her. He stills wears the same smile that made her end up married to him. Making her forgot her fears she was captured, seduced and loved by him.“Good morning gorgeous, sleep well,” he asks while teasing the corner of her mouth with featherlike kisses that drives her into wanti
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Embrace my night: Chapter 2
Cast within the reflection of the mirror she sees the distorted face of a man she can’t place. Behind his looming figure she sees a ball of fire and she can swear she hears screaming and crying. Closing her eyes she finds a cold finger caressing her spine making her look slowly towards the door hoping against all logic that Peter would return and not leave her alone.The mirror pulls her back to face her own image. For a spell bound moment she simply looks at herself. Married to Peter makes her think she is beautiful but instinctively though she has the remembered sense she is in her mind basically just an ordinary person who became extraordinary. The reason for this transformation is the man who put his rings onto her finger. Her heart fills with continuous joy knowing someone loves her as much as she loves him.Tomorrow would be the revealing of family and them as every day persons with individual personalities. Still looking at herself the sombreness just won&
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Embrace my night: Chapter 3
Panic rooted her in one spot. Leo reaches her and sees the terror on her face. When he reaches for her hands they were ice cold.“Sammy?” he shakes her body hard. Life springs back into her eyes. “What happened?”“I don’t know.” Her voice quivered. He helps her back into a chair to sit down kneeling in front of her brushing warmth into her hands.“Who did you see?”“A shadow,” she whispers. “I should leave,”“Where will you go?”“Home,”“I will take you,”Leo stands and reaches for the phone. When he looks back to her she is gone.“Sammy,” her name echoes throughout the house.Sammy stands in front of the office of a traveling agency mesmerise with the brochure on display about the Namaqualand. The pictures are intriguing calling her back home.“Home,” the thought fill he
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Embrace my night: Chapter 4
Peter enters the suite with a ringing phone calling him. Ignoring it for the moment he quickly searches the space finding it empty. Frowning he wonders where on earth Sammy might have gone. The phone keeps ringing insistently.“Sammy, my love where are you?” only his voice echo in the suite.Reaching for the phone suddenly annoyed.“William,” he snaps.“You took your time answering, William. Here me good since I want to do you a favour. Maybe I should reconsider,” replies the stranger.“Who are you and what do you want?” something about his voice grates the nerves. Furthermore he found the intrusion irritating to say the least. No one as far as he knows should have had this number.“You can call me friend but I can easily be your enemy too,” says the stranger with smugness that now seriously grates his nerves.Peter says nothing but keeps his ears open while his eyes search t
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Embrace my night: Chapter 5
Peter is furious that he slams the door behind him. The sound echoes through the house alerting the owner. He made his appearance just as the door burst opened again only to shut with another bang.Leo studies the two faces of his children wondering what on earth happened now. Shrugging his shoulders he leaves them alone but they have no intention of giving him peace.“You are the rudest man I had encountered this week.” snap TheoFista.Peter allows all his emotions to spread across his face alerting his sister about how close he is to bursting. “It was your own fault falling. Why in heaven’s name didn’t you look where you were going?” He removes his jacket. “It was your fault and you know it. Just admit it and apologized.”“I won’t.” he goes and sits across from his father.TheoFista grab hold of the container with water dumping it onto him. He is like an arrow from a b
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Embrace my night: Chapter 6
Peter and the man who stayed mask enter the house. The gun concealed within the folds of his clothes. Going towards the study, both were halted.“What are you doing here?” Leo eyes them curiously where he stands just in the door both dogs at his side.“I need some money from the safe. This isn’t your business though. Step aside.” Peter look at him with a sharpness they shared when doing delicate business. It was a warning.Peter step into the study, his captor for the moment shortly on his heels. Going directly to the safe behind the painting of his mother, he unlocked it.“Don’t move,” come the command from behind him.He turns facing the man and the pointed gun.“Step aside. I know you rich men. You always have firepower within the safe. Whatever is in there I’ll take. Move away but stay within my sight.”Peter move to the corner standing beside a cabinet watching the
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Embrace my night: Chapter 7
Sammy Hoffman sleep curled on the bench in the enclose section in the back of the garden. Earlier in the morning she steps from the bus finding her way towards this house that drew her like a magnet. Everything she did is on pure instinct.Her eyes open but her body stays motionless. The image so tangible was gone. Every time she closes her eyes she found them lurking in the shadows of her mind; one has the essence of a threat, the other is pulling onto her heartstrings.The back door suddenly creak opened. The woman who appears seems startled into paleness when she sees her coiling from the bench.“Sammy!” she whispers shocked.“Good morning!” she smiles concealing the fact that she didn’t have a clue who the woman is or how they were connected.“When did you arrive?” She stays rooted within the open door.“During the early morning,” Sammy watches the various emotions playing so fast acr
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Embrace my night: Chapter 8
The darken car come out of nowhere. Instinctive she jumped out of the way rolling down the side of the road. Scrambling back onto her feet, she moves back up the road. The car stands a short distance away. She can see the silhouette of a man behind the wheel. The picture of him sitting there disturbed her somehow. She has the distinctive idea his intent was menacing.The night became sinister all of a sudden. The moon vanish behind the clouds that came out of nowhere leaving the impression with her it was concealing his intended misdeeds.A storm brews on the horizon. To confirm her suspicion, the breeze quickly picked up speed. Turning she moved away from the dark waiting car. The instant he realized her intent, he turn giving chase.Sammy runs full speed, the car behind her with lights on her back.She found herself in a street that wasn’t familiar. Ducking underneath the low hanging branches of the trees she found a hiding place. She sees the lig
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Embrace my night: Chapter 9
Sammy opens her eyes slowly warm tears still streaming down her face her aching heart long for the missing part of her that she had forgotten. She searches deeply within herself but she can’t seem to find the image of him. Instinctively, deeply she just realize that morning she has suffered a great loss.Uncoiling from her rickety bed she stand bath in the early morning sun. Now she knows for certain she must first search for the question then the answer to her barren lonely heart will appear. She decides to believe that with her whole heart.She step into the small kitchen finding David there still all smiles.“Good morning, angel face.”Good morning David. Tell me about my life that which you know.”“Take a seat and do you want coffee?”“Yes, please.”Sammy eagerly awaits him response. She watch the seriousness take hold off him.“I came to this town a broken man. My wife
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Embrace my night: Chapter 10
Sammy walks down the street with no clear direction in mind. She is so thoughtful that she wasn’t paying any attention to where she really is going. Suddenly it dawn on her that something wasn’t right. She feels the intensity of someone watching her. The moment her attention focus she see the ominous black car that followed her last night.Out of nowhere she barely sees the body barrelling down on her. She is drag by the arm and pulled along so fast she found herself complying.The car gives chase like the previous night. The two women run with a dead speed down the road.Peter who has followed her once he was safe to step from the tree stand at the crossroad sees the two women fleeing in front of the car. The long flying brown hair has that familiarity that draws his attention like a magnet. He instantly followed the car and tries to keep an eye on both women. A fury built for the person chasing them.Sammy spotted the alley but she just has
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