Embrace my night: Chapter 8

The darken car come out of nowhere. Instinctive she jumped out of the way rolling down the side of the road. Scrambling back onto her feet, she moves back up the road. The car stands a short distance away. She can see the silhouette of a man behind the wheel. The picture of him sitting there disturbed her somehow. She has the distinctive idea his intent was menacing.

The night became sinister all of a sudden. The moon vanish behind the clouds that came out of nowhere leaving the impression with her it was concealing his intended misdeeds.

A storm brews on the horizon. To confirm her suspicion, the breeze quickly picked up speed. Turning she moved away from the dark waiting car. The instant he realized her intent, he turn giving chase.

Sammy runs full speed, the car behind her with lights on her back.

She found herself in a street that wasn’t familiar. Ducking underneath the low hanging branches of the trees she found a hiding place. She sees the lig

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