Chapter 06


I shift back to my human form and observe her.

She lays in front of me now...

Unconscious. Naked. Vulnerable. Defenseless. Hurt. Cold.

Do I care? No. I don't.

I had been there. I had laid just like her as I watched her with my broken eyes. And it was something, I am never going to forget.

I hurted her deliberately. The expressions of pain on her wolf's face were worth watching and enjoying. A wave of sick twisted satisfaction hit my body as the sound of her bones breaking echoed in the silent forest.

After I made her submit to me by using my Alpha aura, I enjoyed seeing the hurt look in her eyes.

But this made me hundred percent sure of one thing now...

She doesn't remember anything. My Mate is clueless about why she is cursed and the reason behind my undying hate for her, but she knows I am going to kill her, because this little thing worked in the Red Moon Cafe for over a year now.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Do I need to pay for every chapter? I really liked this story but how for I can go like this??
goodnovel comment avatar
therese Kilby
Luving it so far
goodnovel comment avatar
Beth Seibert
so far I'm liking it. have questions. hope there answered.

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