Mark Of The Alpha King

Mark Of The Alpha King

By:  ~S.Y  Completed
Language: English
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“ You feel this more intensely than I do. It hurts you more than it hurts me. It makes you yearn for me more than it makes me want you, Mate. ” He spats venomously as the light brush of his thumb against my lips, becomes a painful press._______All Miracle Cullen ever knew in her life was pain and suffering because she was born different. Her pack shunned her and her wolf left her at a young age, leaving her with nothing but a mark she bore since birth - Mark of The Alpha King. And now the Alpha King, Cain Reyes had come to claim his marked mate. Not to cherish her, but to kill her so he can mark the love of his life.

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Mark of The Alpha King is a thrilling werewolf romance novel that follows the story of a young woman named Elsie who finds herself drawn into a dangerous world of werewolves and dark secrets. When Elsie meets the powerful Alpha King, she is immediately swept off her feet, but she soon discovers that there is much more to him than meets the eye. This book is rated 4 out of 5 stars. If you're looking for a thrilling werewolf romance novel, don't miss out on Mark of The Alpha King by S.Y. You can find it on Goodnovel.

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Chami Nisanthi
such waste of time, its going circle and circles. no development even after few chapters.
2023-09-29 20:05:38
user avatar
Thembi Dikoloti
This book was such a good read! i really enjoyed it.
2023-09-23 20:56:18
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Jasmine Jeon
this book is good but i would not suggest someone to read specially if you don't have much money coz it's costs alot and chapters are way too short , i was on the verge of dropping this book but at last i finished it
2023-09-12 15:22:12
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seven 🙌
story is good but it's dragging .........
2023-09-11 17:33:03
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Moonshine ẞelle
This Book is good , interesting, will make you curious but the problem is it's unnecessarily long and chapters are too short, it cost alot
2023-09-11 15:04:59
user avatar
Talk about a well crafted and epic display of an awesomely well written and immersive book at it finest. The way Miracle and Cain's life's are intertwined and woven... beautifully portrayed for maximum suspense, love, devotion, adoration to list a few.
2023-08-05 16:17:23
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Latraila Tolbert
Amazing story. I truly loved how Cain and Miracle came together.
2023-07-07 11:09:47
default avatar
Storyline is unique and great but slow.
2023-06-22 17:43:43
default avatar
Another amazing story!
2023-05-29 02:40:59
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Lisa Reed
I love love this story
2023-05-19 22:07:30
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Very good HEA book, worth the read. Highly recommended
2023-04-08 22:08:48
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Caitlin Cannon
I need more of this boik
2023-02-25 13:39:30
default avatar
Could not stop reading this book!!!!
2023-02-17 07:46:13
default avatar
Deepali Joshi
Its a good read …
2023-01-26 17:44:10
user avatar
Shilo Sulda
Loved this book. Couldn’t stop reading it.
2023-01-15 12:49:07
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140 Chapters
BEFORE YOU READ!This is a mature themed book so if you feel uncomfortable at any point, leave peacefully!Follow me on insta. @authorsy56 for Character aesthetics and updates about the book. Enjoy Reading!AUTHOR|~S.Y   MIRACLE'S POV I remember the moment my wolf spat only one word after years. “ RUN! ” I didn't know how my supposedly dead wolf came back to me and growled at me to run away from the man standing right in front of me - The man who I identified as my mate just as my eyes met his silver-gray orbs. His intoxicating scent was another dead giveaway. He smelled so heavenly like the smell of the whole forest specially Rosewood. I wanted to go to him. I wanted to tell him how I waited for him for my who
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Chapter 01
MIRACLE'S POV “ Mira! This way. ” The smooth voice calls out to me and I crane my neck to look up at the brown wolf standing in front of me. A smile make its way up my lips after seeing him. Soon enough, we both are running happily in the thick forest - quick and steady on our paws. I love this. I love running through the trees. This gives me a sense of freedom. I love the way cold breeze glides over my skin pushing all my hair back. It feels like I am flying without any care in the world. It's thrilling. But what I love most about this moment is that my elder Brother Matthew is right beside me, running wildly. I want to catch upto him. I want to cross him so I can win from him for once in my life. “ Matthew Slow Down! I think I am going to fall. ” My wolf grins and mindlinks him to slow down in a tired voice. “ I won't fall for that trick. ” He replies as he runs faster - faster than I have ever seen a
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Chapter 02
MIRACLE'S POV Leaving my house, I rush to get to the cafe I work at. I am supposed to be in my high school, but I dropped out when I was kicked out of the pack. It's hard living on your own and bearing all expenses. Besides, I need to pay Miranda some huge money to get a potion - a potion which helps concealing my aura. As I am now a rogue without any pack, some werewolves might come to hunt me one day. They will come to hunt me and they will kill me. They won't care if I am a good rogue or a bad rogue, they are going to kill me. The fact that I lived in the Red Moon Pack's territory never made it much easier. I have to be more careful. It's the pack which is being run by the Alpha King himself currently. He is known to be ruthless, cruel, dangerous, deadly and so powerful that his presence can cause some werewolves to feel severe headaches. The headaches mostly happen when he is trying to instill the fear of his power
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Chapter 03
MIRACLE'S POV As I sit on the chair opposite Olivia with her eyes fixed at me, I know what I am going to do. Earlier, Selvia came to call me out and she asked me to have coffee with Olivia and her. Regretfully, I agreed. I had to. If I had ran away, Olivia and Selvia were going to be sure that I am a werewolf and before I knew it, all the members of the Red Moon pack would have been hot on my tail, to find me and then kill me. I can't even take on Selvia, let alone a whole pack of Merciless killers. That's why even after knowing what's going to happen, I still stayed. I have to stay to get rid of their doubts. But, all of this doesn't help in easing my anxiety. No werewolf ever wanted to be anywhere near wolfsbane. And drinking it? That is gruesome. It will cause me a burn so strong that I will be twisting in pain in the blink of an eye. I will feel my own organs burning inside me and it will be
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Chapter 04
MIRACLE'S POV “ King? I don't know anyone by that name. ” I mutter, before bringing up my knee and ramming it roughly against his rib, breaking two of them instantly. Howling in pain, he doubles over and drops me on the ground. Not wasting any time, I grab his neck and twist it harshly. His body drops down on the ground, hitting it hard, his neck still twisted at a weird angle. He is not dead. I don't need to worry about that. He just fell unconscious for a while - a day to be precise. King? Who was he talking about? I wonder but push past him to go back in the cafe. I have caused some serious trouble. Sighing, I stop by the door and look back at the body. I was weak. Emphasize on that WAS. I acted weak when I had the power to defeat everyone else. I showed them mercy when I was powerful, but now... It was merely for survival and when you are in that survival mode, you find all those weaknesses disappearing one
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Chapter 05
MIRACLE'S POV “ RUN! ” The familiar female voice which screams in my head, shocks me to my core. G-Gia? Is it Gia? All my focus shifts to my supposedly dead-wolf from my most awaited Mate. “ Gia? ” I speak in my mind, hoping desperately to hear her voice again. What if it's my imagination and Gia is really not here? The thought makes me sad and I look back up at my mate. His silver gray eyes are staring me down intensely. An aura of power is radiating off him. I don't understand the emotion in his eyes at all. Why is he not coming to me? Why is he not making any move? I stumble forward as confusion takes over me. He sets his lips in a thin line and before I can take even a step more closer to him, Gia screams in my head once again. “ RUN! ” This time the intensity of her scream in my head makes me nauseous. All my senses heighten as I look around and I realize it was real
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Chapter 06
CAIN'S POV I shift back to my human form and observe her. She lays in front of me now... Unconscious. Naked. Vulnerable. Defenseless. Hurt. Cold. Do I care? No. I don't. I had been there. I had laid just like her as I watched her with my broken eyes. And it was something, I am never going to forget. I hurted her deliberately. The expressions of pain on her wolf's face were worth watching and enjoying. A wave of sick twisted satisfaction hit my body as the sound of her bones breaking echoed in the silent forest. After I made her submit to me by using my Alpha aura, I enjoyed seeing the hurt look in her eyes. But this made me hundred percent sure of one thing now... She doesn't remember anything. My Mate is clueless about why she is cursed and the reason behind my undying hate for her, but she knows I am going to kill her, because this little thing worked in the Red Moon Cafe for over a year now.
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Chapter 07
MIRACLE'S POV “ Matthew! ” I call out to him as I walk behind him in the thick forest. His golden brown hair sway as breeze softly hits his body. Turning around, he throws me the same radiant smile and I sigh out softly. Seeing him from so close has always been a pleasure for me. Atleast, I am able to see him in my dreams. It's supposed to be a nightmare, but it's not, just because Matthew - My brother is here. “ Come on Mira. We can't give up now. ” He urges me to keep walking. I remember this moment. It was the time our father used to send us to a long walk through the forest after training and I always complained that I was tired and I just wanted to sit. But now... I just want to keep walking behind him. Just how fast the time - good time, passed. Is it weird that I am conscious of the fact that I dreaming right now? I think it is, but who cares anyway. Eventually, the same
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Chapter 08
MIRACLE'S POV All thoughts of running away, leave me at once. Whether I like it or not, Selvia helped me out alot in this past year and I don't think, I can hurt her. She protected me when those badass wolves wanted to assert their power on me, thinking of me as a mere human. Werewolves don't usually help humans, but she did.Sighing, I step forth and shake my head. She is angry at me. I can smell her anger. I can feel it in my bones. I betrayed her. That's what she is thinking, I am sure of it. Her blue eyes are often changing colors, her wolf threatening to come out and attack me for this betrayal. “ So...Olivia was right! ” Selvia sneers and I flinch at her hard tone. Well. She seems more angry than I anticipated, but the thing is... I am going to die in a while and I don't have any reason to explain myself. Not that Selvia can actually understand me even if I do reason out with her. No one can really underst
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Chapter 09
CAIN'S POV I was devastated the moment I saw the Red Crescent Moon mark - a mate mark, on her neck. Did she have another mate? Was she marked by someone else? I wonder, as I dig my claws deeper into her flesh. Her blood trickles down my claws and then I feel it...The excruciating pain in my heart. It's like someone is stabbing me repeatedly with a silver dagger when I try to take her heart out and it dawns upon me. The voices I have been hearing in my head, the pain I have been feeling, all the emotions that were not mine... It was all her. All along. She was my mate, but she was already marked. How was this possible when I never marked her? To find out if it’s really my mark or not, I hurt her some more and a smirk pulls up at her lips, making me frown. She knows what's happening to me. Confusion takes over my mind, but I am too stubborn to stop now. I have waited for a long time, for this specifi
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