Chapter 17 Unable to See Him

Beam has finished talking to nurse Lin informing him that Theo could not be able to come again because of certain activities that cannot be postponed. Beam already knows that Archer's assistant is trying to be close to Theo. Whatever her reason, Beam doesn't want to know. 

He misses Theo so much. It's been two weeks since the last time he saw Theo when he visited him at home and after that time Theo has always been out with Archer's assistant.

"Theo could not come again, Beam?" Chris asked Beam worriedly. Chris is so aware how Beam misses Theo but they can't do anything about it.

"He has activities, Chris" Beam said softly and he felt so exhausted. During those times that Theo would visit him, Beam could not feel the exhaustion even if Theo is very hyperactive. He

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Abaton Claire
why this chapter is so painful ............ I feel sad for beam .........
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Michelle Marshall
so sad I feel for beam
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Spinkie the rabbit
Ok, I cried in this chapter.

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