You Are My Secret

You Are My Secret

By:  R.C.BRIE15  Completed
Language: English
40 ratings
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Once upon a time... He did something to survive university. He became a sugar baby to a wealthy sugar daddy. Several years later, he fell instantly in love with a boy... who happens to have a very hot and gorgeous father. Will he win the boy's heart or his intimidating father? Or can he be selfish and have them both? Will his shameful past prevent him from his happy ending?

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Riza Sabandal Baltazar
Hello author can I make a request please write another bl stories ...️ I love your bl stories, all is beautifully written ...... Hope to hear from you soon...
2023-07-27 14:28:46
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Rittah Paul
can't seem to have enough of this book. rereading it for the forth time now. this book is a masterpiece .... totally worth it ...️
2023-04-20 15:17:08
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izzy behzad
I'm here again to read from beginning ......
2023-03-30 16:33:12
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This book is amazing. Keep up the hard work. I really enjoyed it
2023-03-18 21:16:58
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Maya Unni
Loved this story
2022-12-29 23:46:40
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Famari Bacoog-soliven
love the plot and the runs and i am hooked,good job author nim and thanks for sharing your talent
2022-12-10 08:18:34
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Hi author why I cant read starting from chapter 53 to the end
2022-10-13 22:58:10
user avatar
Leon Nhyu
awesome, i like your work
2022-08-15 23:34:45
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Alexandria Goodson-Jones
The amazing love between mama beam and Theo is just the best part of this book. I also love just how quickly Archer accepted beam as his wife
2022-07-15 02:42:27
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Kay Bar
I enjoyed this thoroughly. I only wish it were longer
2022-05-20 04:54:33
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Syahirah Azli
Hi author! Is there second book for this? For Theo and Brie? I really love this book, you did excellent job.
2022-05-01 19:30:07
default avatar
Best books
2022-03-29 22:13:52
default avatar
Loved it, I will be following others works!
2022-02-18 06:40:12
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Parwan Kaur
can u please write another book like this please...I read all of ur books and I must say they r worth reading...I have read ur 2 books 3 times when I don't find anything to read...thank u
2022-01-13 23:53:26
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Akma Osman
very good ...
2021-11-21 13:54:56
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61 Chapters
Chapter 1 Sugar Baby
Beam is a mess while he is on his four being pounded by the man behind him.    "Arghh...!" the man growls and reaches for Beam's member, pumping it together with his harsh pounding.   "Ahhn..." Beam moans as the ecstasy are deliciously building inside his burning body. Being pounded in his ass and the pumping of his twitching member is making him crazy.   "I'm coming! Come with me!" the man's hoarse voice grumbled against Beam's nape.   "Argghhh...!" they come together and Beam's hole flooded with the man's cum while Beam squirts his own on the white bedsheets.    They both slumped on the bed breathless while savoring the heaven they have just rea
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Chapter 2 The Blank Message
Beam has just finished all his exams and he is looking forward to a peaceful weekend ahead.    He was walking towards his mother's car when he received a message on his phone. It's a blank message from an unknown number, he already knows what it means.    He sighed and returned his phone to his pocket and stride towards the car. Enough for dreaming of a peaceful weekend, instead he will have a strenuous weekend ahead of him.   Beam slowly enters the usual room using his keycard. He saw him sitting on the couch facing the balcony with some documents in his hands.    Beam just went directly to the closet to get his clothes to take his shower, he already mastered his usual drill, he will take a shower on
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Chapter 3 Sugar Daddy
As his graduation is nearing, Beam got busy with a lot of school completion together with his best friends Chris and Kent.    They have just submitted their last requirements and they are silently sitting in the chairs outside the medical faculty office.    "Thank goodness it's all done" Kent mumbles in relief as they savor the moment that a heavy chunk seems lifted from their shoulder.    "I want to go to the bar tonight! Let's enjoy it while waiting for our graduation" Chris suggested.    "That's a great idea. Let's go to the bar tonight, it's been a while anyways that we haven't gone there" Beam agreed and excitedly exclaimed.   
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Chapter 4 Fulfilled
"Wow, that girl is a tigress. Look at the marks on your neck!" Kent exclaimed in shock when they met the following day.    Chris looked at Beam looking appalled with the marks on Beam's neck, it has kiss marks.    Beam just smiles and wink at them in response because as usual, he doesn't need to explain anything to them. They are already used to Beam's sex escapade but this is the first time that they have seen him boldly marked on visible spots.  "Sex is great" Beam just wink at them and they continue to walk towards the auditorium while Beam is trying his best not to limp. His ass is so sore, although he has taken painkillers, it just only lessens the pain, he is still uncomfortable walking. The man was a real beast last night, he was so angry at Beam who almost spent th
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Chapter 5 Pretty Mama
"Mama!" a boy's ecstatic voice greeted the doctor when he went out of the door of the surgery department. He looked around trying to see whom the boy was calling but he was alone with him. He stares at his adorable face for a while before a smile carves his lips.    "Hello, little man. Why are you here alone?" the doctor approached the boy who is estimated to be three years old sitting alone in the hallway of the surgery department. The play area for kids is very far from there.    "Mama! You pweytty!" the child exclaimed while he gaped at him.    "I'm a man. I'm not pretty" the doctor gently corrected the child with a tender smile.    "You pweytty. I am hanthome" the child proudly said while tap
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Chapter 6 Mama Bee
"Mimi Theo wants mama doc Bee!" the boy is stubbornly stomping his feet while whining. "Who is mama doc Bee?" the lady asked, perplexed about what her grandson was talking about. "Mama doc Bee, Theo go mama doc Bee! Theo, mama doc Bee ith pweytty pweytty" the boy is already teary while trying to explain to his grandmother what he wants. "Lin what is Theo trying to say?" the lady confusedly asked the nurse who had been agitated for a while when Theo started to ask for the handsome doctor. "Ahm, madam, it's the doctor in the hospital, Theo wants Dr. Beam" the nurse nervously explained. "Theo, mama! Doc Bee, Theo want doc Bee, pweathe mimi" the boy shouted when he heard Beam's name. "In Grey Medical Center?" the lady asked to confirm. "Yes madam, when Theo had his regular check up, he met Dr. Beam there" the nurse explained. "Theo wanth mama. Pweathe mimi?" Theo continues to plead. The woman gaped for a while, staring at her grandson. "Alright, we will go to the hospital
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Chapter 7 Invitation
"Mama Bee?" the boy called while he was in Beam's clinic. It's been two straight weeks that the boy asked to be with Beam everyday. The nurse would accompany him to the hospital and she would just leave the boy at Beam's clinic. She will pick him again before Beam will also go home or sometimes they would go malling together.  "Yes baby?" Beam answered tenderly. Theo is just doing his coloring book while Beam is accepting his consultations and reading his medical cases.  "Mama Bee wab you" the boy grins which make Beam chuckle with the boy's cuteness.  "I love you too baby Theo" Beam answered while smiling warmly, looking at Theo who is sitting comfortably on the couch.  "Mama Bee?" the boy softl
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Chapter 8 Father and Son Talk
"Dada?"   "Yes buddy?"    "Dada get mama Bee, pweathe. Theo wanth mama Bee wiee(wife) dada" Theo begged his father.    The man gaped in surprise while he became thoughtful.    "Buddy, dada can't just get anyone to be my wife and mama Bee might not want to be my wife" the man carefully explained to his son his unusual request.    "Mama Bee wabwab Theo. We wathh movie and eat ithcweam and cake'' Theo whispered and sulked, causing his father to heave a sigh.    "Baby, everyone loves you and dada loves you so much. Dada will meet mama Bee and ask if she wants to be dada's wife.
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Chapter 9 Unknown Treasure
"Dr. Beam Miller?" a bank employee approached him when he was waiting his turn to transact.    "Yes mam?" Beam responded politely.    "Hello doctor, I'm Ms. Leila, I will be your officer to cater your every bank transaction. Please follow me doctor" the woman who approached him gestured towards an office.    Beam gape in surprise for the treatment he got from the bank officer. He usually doesn't go to the bank unless necessary but someone called him from the bank this morning. Even if he is unsure, he went to the bank to know their concerns regarding his bank account.    They entered a small office and he was ushered to sit on the couch. He got settled while looking around the small but elegant o
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Chapter 10 Visiting the Past
Beam is playing the room card in his hand while walking nervously to the presidential suite on the top floor of the building.   He is not sure if it will still work but he can try. After he finished his transactions at the bank, he decided to drop by this place again. After four long years, he hasn't returned but he kept the keycard in his wallet and he will use it again today.    He tried to use the card at the door and his heart jumped when he heard a click which means that the door has unlocked. After all these years, the lock was not changed.    He slowly walked inside while he looked around the very familiar room. Nothing changes, all are still the same and it's obviously been well maintained. The room is still smelling the same fresh scent that the man wants.
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