His cologne. . .

Nana was asked to get dressed the next day. Her mother didn't tell her much about him, only his name. That didn't bother her. She's going to do everything Islamically, how Allah asked us to. This is about marriage, she's asked her father whether he did some research about the guy and he said yes. Everything is good and his reputation is great  even among his neighbours and employees. If everything about him is good, then who is she to say no. She's not plucky enough to bring her own spouse.

It's not like she'd find anyone herself as she's always staying at home all by herself.

Instead of wearing her casual clothing today, she decide to wear one of the native wears she's never worn. It's skirt and blouse. The skirt was style in a very beautiful fish flay, eight pieces and the blouse has a low peplum with three steps. She didn't know how to tie the head tie so she called Hannatu but she's yet to arrive.

"I'm here, I'm here, Mrs Impatient." Hanna graced her with her presence with her hands up in surrender.

"You're supposed to say I'm sorry." Nana rolled her eyes at the insensible teenager. She never says sorry no matter how many time Nana asked her to say it.

"Never!" Hannatu ricochetted nonchalantly before standing in front of Nana. "Now let's get to work and wait for our Knight in shining armo-" she trailed off when she heard the beeping sound of a car rolling into the house.

Curiously, they both perk their ears like elves. Hannatu was quick to walk to the huge window, facing the entrance of the house, Nana stood up, ferrying to where curious Hannatu is peeking at and did the same. She even went as far as decapitating the window seal before poking her head outside, the hot weather heating her face up. She thank Allah that she didn't put in any makeup -she loves makeup- or the makeup would've started rolling down her face. Besides, this is about marriage, she'll not plaster anything on her face. He might fall for the wrong face.

"That car is so hot." Hannatu blinked at the white SUV/Crossover 2016 Land Rover Range Rover that sat proudly in the parking lot.

One by one, the doors started opening. First, the passenger's side, then the driver's side and lastly, one of the backseat doors opened. A beautiful girl came out of car -backseat- clasp in a black abaya and black heels, from what Nana could see, the girl is very fair but not pale. She ambled to the passenger's side after closing her door to assist an older woman from her seat. She also came out in different outfit, Native wears and sky blue veil with matching bag and flats, his mother.

The person they've been waiting for distanced himself from the driver's seat. His shiny black shoes came into view first before his whole long leg and body. Nana eyes almost jumped out of it's socket. She knew she was supposed to look at him once and then lower her gaze but it seems like she hasn't seen enough, so she stared.

From her view by the window, she can see that he is very very tall and also fair like his sister if not more. He is wearing dark grey kaftan with matching Zannah Bukar cap bowing on his head. How can someone have height and beauty at the same time? Oh her Allah, he is very handsome. When that thought crossed her mind, she immediately lowered her gaze.

What was she doing? A'udhubillah! What is wrong with her! Though he may or may not be her husband, but still, she's stared more than she should and that is haram, he is not her Mahram. Astaghfirullah! But she can't help it, and she didn't promise not to look at him for more than a second more because she would, and she knows that. Why is he so beautiful?! Again, she's following Satan's lane. Oh well...

And she was the person who asked someone to lower his gaze once. She was walking to the Islamic school she teaches when a guy almost bumped into her, she raised her head to look at where he was staring at, only to find him looking at a girl. She couldn't see both the guy and the girl's faces but still ask him to 'lower his gaze and to stop bumping into people' she said before walking past him. She could feel his gaze as she continue to walk and she's never been thankful about wearing niqab. She wouldn't have talked to him if she wasn't wearing one, it gives her so much confidence.

Nana ferried back to the varity stool and sat down, trying to get some senses into her head. After some pep talks, she calmed herself and try to will her head not to look at him. Hannatu finished gushing and came to stand next to Nana, spinning the chair around so that Nana can face her.

"Take this and let's start, mom will soon yell at us for delaying." Nana gave the head tie to Hannatu before huffing out a breath.

"There is this new head style I saw on I*******m earlier, let's try it." Nana did nothing but nod her head at whatever it is that she's saying, her mind isn't with her. Everything is settling in now, she might get married and start a new life somewhere with someone new. Ya Allah see us through!

"Nana!" Just when Hannatu finished twisting, knotting and pushing, Nana's mother called out her name from down the stairs. She knew that was bound to happen.

"She's coming, Aunt." Hannatu yelled back, knowing fully well that Nana will not yell out just like that. Even when there are no guests, she'd use the intercom and answer them  but never yell through the house, it's just not her.

"Please come with me. I can't walk down there with three more new people, all alone." Nana nervously bit her lip as she clinging onto Hannatu's arms with contingency.

"Okay, let's go!" Hannatu remove Nana's hand from hers and walk to her wardrobe to bring out a matching big light brown veil. She drape it around her shoulder before holding her hand and dragging her down the stairs.

"And here she is!" Her mother's voice halted her inner thoughts, the voice was cheerful with a hint of pride shining it's way.

Nana's head was bowed but she could smell a very strong male cologne swirling around the whole living room and that cologne isn't her father's for she knew her father's own very well. This means it is Zayn's as he is the only other male there apart from her father. The smell is very strong and intoxicating and alluring to Nana's nostrils.

"She is beautiful, Masha'Allah!" Another woman's voice gush out. Nana knew who it was, the older woman -Zayn's mother.

"Come and sit next to me, dear." The woman said again. Nana's head was still bowed as she promenade her way to where she saw the woman sitting from the foyer, luckily, she didn't trip on anything. She sighed when her bum finally hit the sofa.

"Good afternoon, Aunt." She silently greet the woman, her head  still bowed and only the woman can hear her voice.

"Afternoon, dear. How are you doing?" She fondly ask as she raise her head to look at her clearly.

"I'm fine, AlhamduliAllah. What about you?" She sank her teeth on her bottom lip out of habit.

"I'm fine also. You should get comfortable with me, because there is no way I'm letting a girl like you go. You're just perfect for my son." The woman didn't let her smile falter.

Nana shyly duck her head. She didn't dare raise her head to look at the person burning deep holes behind her back. Just when she was about to put the veil closer to her face, a girl came around her and sat down on their other side of the couch. Juxtaposition. Mother and daughter trap her in between them, this is getting very suffocating to Nana.

"You're beautiful!" Were the words that came out of the girls mouth when she pivoted Nana so that they are look at each other.

"You're more beautiful." And Nana isn't lying. The girl is very beautiful with her innocent dark eyes, long lean nose, beautiful plump lips that is matted with red lipstick and her oval shaped face. She looks around the age of twenty three or twenty four.

"Don't say that! How are you doing?" The girl asked.

"I'm doing good, Masha'Allah. You?"

"Same! Oops, I'm Maaysa, Zayn's only younger sister and you are Nana Aisha." Hearing his name again made her heart escalate.

"Yes." She replied, ducking her head when the elders started talking about letting the two -Zayn and Nana- of them talk alone in the backyard.

The nervousness creep into Nana that she didn't know when she gripped Maaysa's hand till she put her other hand on hers and give it a gentle squeeze before pasting a smile on her face. She'll have to save her. That smile did nothing to reassure her but at least she will try something.

"Nana and Zayn, you can go and talk in the backyard and we can see what to do from there." Her father fondly said to them.

"We should go together." Maaysa cheerfully grinned, she acts innocent but she knew she has to help Nana, the girl is nervous and she could smell it from miles away.

"Okay, you should go together. We'll just have some refreshments before you get back and talk about some stuff. Go on!" Hajiya Rehma chirped.

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